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Backpacks, every student’s much-needed item. But how do you find one that is more than just functional? Something that speaks more about one’s individual style and personality? If that is what you are looking for, then JanSport backpacks would be the answer! Click here to learn more about how JanSport Backpacks can be the perfect fashion accessory for you.

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JanSport Backpack Singapore: Functional And Practical

If you asked your grandparents how school was like back in their day, they would probably tell you that they had to carry their books in their arms as there was no such thing as ‘bags’. The only thing that came close to a school bag were these belt-like leather straps that tied your books together and made carrying them around a little easier. But, let’s face it, those straps could hardly be called a bag.

Which is why in the 1960s, things begun to change. With daypacks (nylon backpacks with multiple zippers) becoming a fast trend among outdoor enthusiasts, two men, Skip Lowell and Murray McCory (formerly Pletz), came up with the idea to create a lightweight backpack that is comfortable to use as well as functional and JanSport was born. The name JanSport was based on Murray McCory’s girlfriend’s name, Jan Lewis.

JanSport Backpack Singapore: From Simple To Eye-Catching

While JanSport does make other kinds of bags, the brand is known more for its quality backpacks. They have various styles of backpacks, each tailored to fit a specific need for a person. Choose from plain colours or tribal patterns or even vintage flowers! To JanSport, a backpack is not just a backpack. It is a fashion statement that has character and individuality.

JanSport Backpack Singapore: Where Fashion Meets Function

While JanSport has invented many styles for the common backpack, there are some that remain a constant popular choice among the masses.

  • JanSport SuperBreak Backpack
    • Made from Polyester
    • Ultralight (0.3kg) for everyday use
    • Straight-cute, padded shoulder straps
    • Available in 30 different colours and prints
  • JanSport Digibreak Backpack
    • Based on the design of the JanSport SuperBreak backpack
    • Features a 15” laptop sleeve
    • Ultralight (0.3kg)
    • Comes in solid colours for the conservatives and bright tribal patterns for the bolds
  • JanSport Big Student Backpack
    • Made from Polyester
    • Perfect for anyone who is always on the go
    • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps and fully padded back panel for your comfort
    • Lightweight (0.6kg)
  • JanSport Right Pack Backpack
    • Made from Cordura with a Suede Leather Bottom
    • Comes with internal 15” laptop sleeve and front organizer pocket
    • Main line includes solid colours. Other spin-offs of the line are JanSport Right Pack World Backpack (featuring patterns inspired by Africa, China, Japan, Mexico and Brazil) and JanSport Right Pack Expressions Backpack (features a variety of prints that are unique)
  • JanSport Hatchet Backpack
    • Made from Polyester
    • Influenced by outdoor backpacks
    • Has a versatile sleeve that can fit a 15” laptop or 3L hydration system
    • Comes in solid colours or nature-inspired patterns

JanSport Backpack Singapore: Companion For Life

At iprice, we offer various designs of JanSport backpacks for your individual styles and needs. Each JanSport backpack is durable and can be a long-lasting companion. If you are looking for something specifically catered to carrying your laptops around, why not check JanSport Laptop Bags for more awesome choices? If not, scroll up and enjoy your shopping experience here at iprice.