Easy to wear and easy to style. Bracelets are definitely a must have in your jewellery accessories collections. If you are lacking on the bracelet department, don’t miss out anymore and buy some of the best designs online!


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Brilliance of a bracelet

A loop of material worn on the wrist or forearm, the bracelet originated from the Greek word ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’. Dating back to as far back a 500BC, bracelets were made of stones, wood, bones and other natural materials for spiritual and religious purposes. Nowadays, bracelets are most commonly worn as decorative jewellery. It is said that our hands are one of the most sensible parts of the human body and one of the first thing that comes to contact with objects and other people. They represent to the world the personality of the wearer hence must be truly reflect oneself.

Types of bracelets

Bangles: Round bracelets usually worn together at the same time, bangles come in a variety of materials such as metal, wood and plastic. They can come either plain or engraved with patterns an encrusted with stones and gems. When multiple bangles are worn, they make sounds reminiscent of the sounds of chimes. Vibrant and colourful bangles are commonly worn in India by women in traditional gowns such as Sarees, Lenghas and Salwar Kameez.

Friendship bracelets: A friendship bracelet is a bracelet that are given to one another among friends as a symbol of their loyalty and friendship. Although this can pretty much be any type of bracelet, they are originally made of colourful threads in the form of a macramé. They rose to fame in the US but are now popular especially amongst teens and young adults for both girls and boys.

Beaded bracelets: Made from a string of beads, beaded bracelets have been popular especially those with beaded stones believed to have healing powers. More modern versions of beaded bracelets uses metal bands instead of elastic or string. Popular brands such as Pandora has revolutionized and modernized beaded bracelets, creating a personalize beads for people to select in creating their own beaded metal bracelet, telling their own stories.

Charm bracelets: Worn as pendants and trinkets around the wrist, charm bracelets are also common personalized, signifying a person’s own story. Charms were made popular when returning soldiers would bring home trinkets from Europe, gifting them to their sweethearts after World War 2, hence sparking the charm trend. These dangly and trendy bracelets can be worn for all types of occasions and changed up with different charm designs. Popular brands selling charms and charm bracelets include Tiffany & Co. and Thomas Sabo.

Bracelets for everyone are available at iprice Singapore

Bracelets are made for both men and women. While more flamboyant and detailed designs are adorned by women, many men also like to wear bracelets too. The only difference is that most men wear more simple and plain designs. Kids are fans of bracelets too! With the Rainbow Loom Band craze going on, kids can even make their own bracelets.

Reasons why bracelets are the best accessory to wear

  • Doesn’t get easily tangled like many necklaces do
  • They are not as small as rings so you will be less likely to misplace them
  • While it is hard to stare and admire the necklace you are wearing, you can easily admire and check out your own bracelet
  • They help distract others from days when you have no time to get your nails done
  • Bracelets give a personal touch to what you wear
  • They are also perfect in giving your watch a new look when they are paired together
  • One of the most popular and seen piece of jewellery, you are sure to always get compliments for your choice of bracelet

A guide on how to wear bracelets from iprice Singapore

  • While it is normal to wear multiple bangles in one go, be sure that you do not overpopulate your wrist with too many mismatched ones. While some different colours and designs complement one another, others may cause a fashion disaster!
  • Be mindful about size especially with bangles. Many bangles don’t come with an opening so make sure they fit the widest diameter around your hand to avoid having your blood circulation cut or your bangles stuck on your wrist forever.
  • Do not force your bracelet on as it might cause it to break or lose its shape.
  • There is a bracelet for every occasion. It is important to ensure that your bracelet is appropriate for different occasions. For example, it may be wise to avoid bracelets that makes noises when attending meetings. A sparkly diamond bracelet is more appropriate for formal events while rubber bracelets would be most suitable for sporting or casual days out.
  • If you ever get your bracelet caught on something, do not pull it as it may cause the bracelet to break or ruin whatever your bracelet is caught on. Instead, slowly untangle it.
  • Always take good care of your bracelets. When not in use, store them in cloth pouches or organize them on a cylindrical storage space so that they won’t lose its shape. Don’t forget to gently wipe them with a soft cloth from time to time.