Cufflinks have the ability to upgrade your classy look. Add more bling to your formal wear with cufflinks from iprice Singapore. Get all your cufflinks needs right here.

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Suit up with Cufflinks from Singapore

It’s the little things that make the big difference

Think class, think suits. Think suits, think cufflinks. Cufflinks are some of the rarest items people buy. Due to the nature of cufflinks, those who use them only whip them out when getting suited up for a formal occasion. Besides being a tool for fastening shirt cuffs, cufflinks are also a fashion statement. Nevertheless, cufflinks give the wearer an exclusive feel to their dressing. Add some bling into your dressing with the right pair of cufflinks. Now you can get all your cufflinks right here! Shopping online, you can pick and choose your favourite designs, colours and match it to your suits. With the right cufflinks from Singapore, you’ll be well suited for any formal occasion. Find out more with the links below:

Cufflinks elevate your fashion and class

With the right pair of cufflinks, you can turn any ordinary formal shirt and suit into an extraordinary ensemble. Classy, elegant and with a rich backstory, cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes. The more common are the Bullet Back and Toggle Closure cufflinks. Usually found in movies like James Bond and The Godfather these nippy little fellas will upgrade your look every time. There’s a science to cufflinks that many people are not aware of. This science is what gives the wearer the upper hand in formal fashion. To really understand the way cufflinks work, you’ll have to know the types of cufflinks.

Types of cufflinks

Bullet Back and Toggle Closure Cufflinks

Bullet Back and Toggle Closure cufflinks are the most common types of cufflinks due to comfort and security. The thinner part of the cufflink, called a ‘bullet’, is flipped 90 degrees when inserted into the sleeve to hold it in place. These bad boys will keep your look simple and neat.

Whale Back Closure Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature a “whale tail” attached to it. The appendage flips against the post and back again to lock. Whale Back Closure cufflinks are unique in shape and design.

Stud/Button Cufflinks

Stud cufflinks look much like the studs used in ear piercing jewellery. This cufflink doesn’t have movable parts like the others. Just insert it in the crevice of your sleeve.

Chain Link Cufflinks

These cufflinks have little chains linking the two ends allowing for a loose fit. For a more casual look, you could check these out. Although harder to find (especially in Singapore) compared to bullet back and toggle closure cufflinks, chain link cufflinks do the job just as well.

Locking Cufflinks and Silk Knot Cufflinks

Sleek and functional, locking cufflinks are slimmer and easier to fit into sleeves. These also come in a variety of designs even though they don’t have many features. Silk know cufflinks are made of (you guessed it!) – Silk! Silk cufflinks are not as durable as the other types, but they’re cheaper and look good too.

Cufflinks for men and women

Did you know there are cufflinks for both men and women? Yes! It’s true. Women also put on suits and cufflinks make them more appealing with more bling. Want to see the types of cufflinks for men and women found in Singapore? You can find cufflinks for men and cufflinks for women right here in Singapore at iprice.