If your hair if your crown, then hair jewelry must be the diamonds that complete the crown. With so many types of hair jewelry that you can choose from, the options are endless. Transform your crown with hair jewelry in Singapore and follow the tips in the article here.


Different Types of Hair Jewelry in Singapore and How to Style Them

No matter how fancy you styled your hair, there’s always something missing. With the addition of beautiful hair jewelry, you can elevate your basic hairstyle to a majestic one. Besides, no crown can be considered a crown without its jewels.

There are so many popular styles of hair jewelry available on the market today but we’ve run it down to just five. Once you’ve found your favorite kind of hair jewelry, all that’s left to do is to know how to style your hair and incorporate these fine pieces of hair accessories.


Headbands are also sometimes known as scarves or head wraps. They are typically made from a cotton cloth and it’s meant to be worn on the head. It’s useful if you want to keep your head out of your face by holding it back or covering your scalp and hair from debris and pollution.

When you wear a headband, you can style your hair in almost any styles. You can let it down, braid it, put in a half or full ponytail. You can even incorporate the ends of the headband or scarf into your braid or ponytail.

Hair clips

Every little girl must have a collection of fun hair clips because this hair jewelry is a crucial accessory all girls and women must have. They can hold back stubborn pieces and strands of hair or used as decoration pieces for your intricate hairstyle.

Putting on hair clips is extremely simple; just insert it onto your hair and clip it shut. If you have several hair clips of the same color and design, you can clip them in a row along your fish braids or side braids.

Hair ties

While not necessarily a jewelry, hair ties are super important for everyone with long hair. If you work or study in a windy area, hair ties are your new best friend. When you’re working out and your hair starts to get in the way, hair ties will be your new savior.

Simply gather your hair and put it through the hair ties until it’s secured. Some hair ties often come with an embellishment like ruffles, butterflies, or marbles.


Although its function is similar to the hair clip, a barrette tends to be bigger. They are able to secure large pieces of hair at once and could become the alternative for hair ties. Barrettes come in different shapes and sizes, along with varying decorations and embellishments. Some barrettes can even feature gems or jewels like crystals, diamonds, and so on.

The most common use of a barrette is when putting your hair in a half-up style. Gather the top half together and clip the barrette to secure the pieces.

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