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JOSEPH Singapore – Your Chic, Stylish and Highly Contemporary Label

Do you feel your wardrobe is very much mundane and lack of oomph factor. Well, sometimes it is hard for us to step out of our comfort zone and try out something different. But isn’t that what fashion is all about? Most importantly, in fashion there is no right or wrong in. When you put together a look and when you check it out in front of the mirror, you might surprise yourself by actually admiring your new look. JOSEPH is about experimenting and exploring into the fashion world too. Intrigued to learn more about this label? You have come to the right place!

About JOSEPH Singapore

JOSEPH was founded in 1960’s by Joseph Ettedgui, a Casablanc-born hairdresser. He dreamt of revolutionizing the fashion world and by designing stylish and innovative workwear. With that mission he began his journey as a fashion designer. He opened his boutique that sparked interesting ideas and styles. He brought Kenzo, Azzedine Alaia many more designers to fame. His brand became the talk of the town and within a short period of time JOSEPH was recognized as a truly remarkable brand. Even with all the success that Joseph Ettedgui achieved, this humble designer went on to introduce more talented designer that he mentored to the world. A well-defined and presented workwear, JOSEPH is undoubtedly the definition of classic, elegance and style. Famously known for its precise tailoring, knitwear and easy and cool style, JOSEPH presents the experience of classic theme with a touch of modern and chic look.

JOSEPH Singapore: Classic and Stylish JOSEPH

JOSEPHjourneybeganwithknitwearandtoday it is known as onecompletebrandthatprovidesyouwithhighendproductrangingfromclothing, perfume to homewares. In addition to that, thislabel is recognizedthroughouttheworld as it haswonnumerousawardsincludingKnitwearDesigner of theYearforfourtimesandalsoBritishFashionAwards in 2000.

Besides that, JOSEPH is notrigidwhen it comes to presentingtheirproducts to theconsumers. It’sdistinctiveanduniquetechniquedefinitelymakesJOSEPHstandoutfromtherest. If youvisitJOSEPHstores in UK, youwould be surprised to find thecombination of a restaurantandshop in JOSEPH’sstores. JOSEPH is one of thefirst to designitsboutiques in suchway.

JOSEPH is celebratedforgiving us what we mightnotexpect. ThesimpleyetattentiongrabbingminimalEuropeanstyle by JOSEPH is justcompletelynewandradical in thefashionworld. WhenJosephfirstbegansellinghisproductsthroughthehigh-techstoresbuiltwithchromeandglass, it brought a newdefinition to thefashionworld. Withthatlookandidea, JOSEPHhasneverbeentheclichélabelevenuntiltoday.

JOSEPH Singapore: The Timeless Collection

JOSEPH has always been regarded as the label where harmonization occurs between creativity and inspiration. JOSEPH’s collection is one big part of the label that has continuously ventured into a new phase from time to time. Getting inspiration and positive vibes from the people and the surrounding, JOSEPH has definitely scored big time in being the luxurious and highly fashionable ready-to-wear collection.

Autumn Winter 2016
Thiscollection is allaboutradiating a newandpositiveenergywith an ownuniqueindividuality. Usingmotifssuch as a bird, a handand an eyesewn on thematerialsgive an idea of freedom to theaudience. If youarelookingfor a collectionthatscreamsunexpecteddetails, this is definitelyyourrightpick. F
Spring Summer 2016
Thiscollectionbringsout a combination of simplicityandfunctionality. In thiscollection, youcan find garmentsthatare of basicdesigns to extremedesigns. Howeverthecoreidea of thiscollectionremainsregardless of thedesigns. Frompurecotton to leatherincorporated in thesensualcollection, thiscollection is trulyluxuriousandwonderful.
Autumn Winter 2015
ThiscollectiondrewitsinspirationfromtheRobertMorrisworkFelt’. Revolvingaround a concept of deconstructedfemininity, womenouttherecanexperiencethewildernessouttherewithconfidenceandstyle. Rawleatherandwildsheepskinareamongthenaturalfabricsused to createthisnaturalandemotiveexperience.

JOSEPH Singapore: Range of Products

JOSEPH has a wide range of products for both men and women. The classic styles of clothing are designed to fit our modern lifestyle today. JOSEPH is not only unique for its aesthetic design but also famous for being able to deliver more that the customers’ expectation.

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