Water is the most important commodity that we should always, especially in our homes. Joven Malaysia offers a wide array of water treatment systems, heaters, purifiers and water storage that would secure your water supply in your home or office. Take a look at Joven’s latest products below or read more about the brand here.

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Joven JH 25 HE S$ 205.00 Shopee
Joven JH 35 HE S$ 236.00 Shopee
Joven JH 50 HE S$ 275.00 Shopee
Joven JH-15 S$ 192.00 Lazada
Joven EC 602 S$ 87.00 Lazada
Joven JH 56 HE S$ 290.00 Shopee
Joven EC707 S$ 88.00 Lazada
Joven JH 38 HE S$ 258.00 Lazada
Joven EC 757 S$ 98.00 Lazada
Joven SA10 S$ 110.00 Shopee
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Joven JH 25 HE

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Joven Singapore- Safe, Convenient, Secure Water Systems for you

About Joven Singapore

Water is life, that is why securing a water supply in your home or office is important. Established in 1983, Joven Singapore is the country’s leading provider of water systems, treatments, heaters and purifiers for your home or office. With a drive to provide the best systems for its customers, Joven Singapore continues to embrace innovation, and adopt to consumer lifestyle, and provide comfort and safety on all its products. To ensure its quality, all Joven products are tested according to product standards to ensure safety and security. Because of the company’s dedication, they have received multiple awards and recognitions such as the National Mark of Malaysia Brand Award 2014 by SME Corporation, Malaysia Good Design Award - Instant Water Heater Model i70e and Malaysia Good Design Mark by Malaysia Design Council. Joven Singapore has now become a household name when it comes to providing excellent water systems for your home and office.

Reasons to love Joven

  • Joven is a Malaysian product serving its neighboring countries in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Being a local brand, Joven knows exactly what their customers want in terms of excellent water systems in their homes or office.
  • Another reason to love Joven is its compact, modern design which will go with all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Joven is an award-winning brand since 2000 until today. It had won so many awards throughout the years including the Special Award for Innovative product in 2009, SME Brand Excellence in 2012, and National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award in 2014.
  • Aside from that, Joven is also proven and tested to produce quality merchandise that would last years, delivering clean, fresh, hot water to your kitchen and bathrooms with minimal repairs throughout the years.
  • Lastly, the brand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology in water systems and integrating them unto their products, making smart and high-tech water heating and distribution systems available to your homes.

Exceptional products from Joven Singapore

If you are looking for the best water system products in Singapore, choose Joven. Their products are tried and tested by many consumers in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The brand is the leading company when it comes to home and office water systems. You can trust only the best; trust Joven Singapore.

  • Storage Water Heaters
  • Instant Water Heaters
  • Multi-point Water Heaters
  • Automatic Water Pump
  • Water Purifiers
  • Bathroom Shower Filters

Joven is well-known for producing safe, quality, and high-tech water systems but their most popular products is their water heaters. Whether in your bathroom or in your kitchen, a continues supply of heated water will always be present with Joven.

A quick guide to buying Joven water heaters

If you want to fully enjoy modern living, then having a water heater in your home is a must-have. Water heaters supply hot water to your showers, or other fixtures which would make living easier and more comfortable. While Joven Singapore has a wide selection of products to improve your water systems, their water heaters are amongst their top sellers. So if you are thinking of purchasing a Joven water heater, then here’s a quick guide how to choose the right one for your home.

  • What you need to consider first is what type of tank you are going to be having; there are three types: (1)conventional tank, (2)tankless, and (3)hybrid.
    • Conventional tanks - stores heated water and can be accessed easily.
    • Tankless - a water heating system in which water is heated by a gas or electric burner as it passes through the water heater. It can be a little bit expensive and can run out of water if heavily used.
    • Hybrid - heats water using an electrical heating function and a heat pump which pulls heat from ambient air. Like a tankless heater, hybrids can be quite expensive but delivers 33% more water than conventional heaters.
  • The next tip is to determine the volume capacity of your water heaters. You can determine how large you need based on the number of people living in your home.

Number of people

Water heater gallon capacity

1 - 2

23 - 36

2 - 4

36 - 46

3 - 5

46 - 56

5 +

56 +

  • Before buying a water heater unit, do your research and widen your options. Take a look at big brands such as Joven and determine if their units fit your needs.
  • In addition, don’t forget to fulfill installation and ventilation requirements for your water tanks.
  • If possible, please consult a plumbing contractor or a professional to fully set your water heaters, especially when it comes to hybrid and tankless water heaters.

Offering convenience and comfort, having a Joven water heater in your home is truly an advantage. The best thing about the brand is that it is not limited to heating your own water supply, you can also modernize your water system with their range of purifiers, pumps, and shower filters. Take a look at Joven Singapore’s exciting new products here or check out other brands such as Panasonic, Rubine, Rinnai, Alpha, and so much more!