Cleaning the house always seems like a compulsory chore for most of us, as we dread seeing a dirty house, much less a dirty, muddy front porch. Stains from food, fingerprints, footprints, mould, grime, condensation, and moss are all an eyesore to have in our home. We wish to have tools that make cleaning easier with minimal effort. Fear not! Karcher Singapore, the world-class brand of cleaning technology, is here to save the day with its legendary black and yellow high-quality cleaning tools.

What is the most powerful Karcher pressure washer? | Can you use any detergent in a Karcher pressure washer? | What stores sell Karcher pressure washers?


Kärcher Singapore: The Iconic Black and Yellow Brand

The most distinct characteristic about Karcher Singapore tools is the black and yellow contrasting colours. It is not uncommon for power tools and home hardware tools to be coloured in contrasting two-toned colours. However, the black-yellow combination is synonymous with Karcher home appliances. Originally built in blue, the trademark combination of colours came about in 1974.

Along with the colour change, the company diversified to produce high-pressure cleaning gadgets in 1974. Further branching out to create best vacuum cleaners (wet & dry), sweeper vacuums, scrubber driers, vehicle washing stations, and cleaning agents, Karcher became one of the most popular brands in the world.

Kärcher Singapore: A favourite name at home

Today, Karcher has hundreds of products to its name. Some of the favourites used at home are the Karcher high-pressure spray, Karcher vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

The Karcher high-pressure spray gun is the perfect tool for washing your car to a shine or for getting stubborn grime off floors and tiles. For example, the Karcher K2 Compact High-Pressure Jet Cleaner comes with: limit of 110 Bar pressure, spray dirt-blaster lance, suction inlet hose for detergent use, a 4m long high-pressure hose

The combination of these features makes the jet cleaner a personal favourite at home.

With rivals like Electrolux and Dyson, Karcher’s vacuum cleaners have to be a step further in order to attract the market. One type of vacuum cleaner is Karcher’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These heavy-duty machines clean any dirty mess to make the area squeaky clean.

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions to home cleaning, Karcher combines the added benefit of heat and steam action to create machines that surpass any other out there. Quick heating and steam features kill bacteria almost instantly. It also features a childproof safety lock whereby the steam will only be released if a separate lever is pushed. Hundreds of satisfied customers have given their testimony on the effectiveness and pleasure of using Karcher’s steam cleaners.

For those who love gardening, there’s the Karcher spray gun and the multifunctional surface sprinkler to make a lovely combination to provide irrigation to your beloved garden. Watch your plant grow big and green with sufficient hydration every day by placing a sprinkler in the middle of your garden and let it do the work. Hosing and other accessories also allow you to customise your gardening experience to suit your climate and garden space. With multiple rotations and sprinkler settings, you can choose the size and frequency of water droplets sprayed and also the area that it covers.

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What is the most powerful Karcher pressure washer?

The most powerful Karcher pressure washer is the K7, which comes with a powerful 160 bar pressure, 2800 watt motor, and 600 litres per hour water flow.

Can you use any detergent in a Karcher pressure washer?

No, only pressure washer-safe detergent can be used with the detergent injector that comes with the Karcher pressure washer. The best detergent to go with it is the Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer.

What stores sell Karcher pressure washers?

Besides Karcher Center Singapore located at Depot Close, you can purchase Karcher pressure washers online via e-marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee.