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Kariella Diamond Hoop at 129.40 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Diamond Hoop
S$ 129.40
These gorgeous Joy Dravecky earrings feature a hammered diamond hanging from hoops. Great to complete any outfit! Unique and versatile, these hoops perfectly match the hammered diamond necklace. Available in different sizes and colors! DETAILS *Available in gold filled hoop with brass diamond, sterling silver hoop with sterling diamond, and pink gold filled hoop with pink gold filled diamond. *Diameter approximately 1.25 inches or 2 inches.
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Kariella Naef Necklace at 221.50 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Naef Necklace
S$ 221.50
Make any outfit more interesting with this lightweight and large statement piece! Unique layered shapes available in Raw (gold) brass. With silver-fill chain and handmade clasp. Pendant portion measures 4" wide and 3.5" tall. Chain length is 15" plus the inner width of the focal of 2.5". Chain is doubled on each side and featured a silver hook & eye clasp with seaworthy tag.
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Kariella Continuous Hoop at 118.30 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Continuous Hoop
S$ 118.30
Looking for the perfect everyday hoops in a size worthy of ladies night? Look no further, these lightweight hoops are designed to go through the ear and close on themselves, preventing the annoying "lost earring in scarf" syndrome. Hand forged with a faceted, mirrored finish. Gold hoops measure approximately 2 1/4" in diameter and silver are 1". DETAILS *14k gold fill *sterling silver *handmade in the US
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Kariella Opal Polarity Bracelet at 263.30 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Opal Polarity Bracelet
S$ 263.30
A perfect, passionate balance of elements, this beguiling piece sits open on your forearm, reaching for itself. Twin, hand-soldered silver wires transform hand-stamped brass triangles into diamonds, each hosting a pair of radiant, handmade resin opals. DETAILS *cuff measures 6" in length from end to end, 1" wide, adjust to fit *made in the USA *photo by BlyDesign
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Kariella Arrows + Away Ring at 87.60 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Arrows + Away Ring
S$ 87.60
This little southwest inspired stacker made by Moonage Metals is great to wear by itself or with other rings! This handmade ring looks perfect with the Turquoise Stone Baby ring! 6mm sterling silver circle with crossed arrows detail on 12 gage 1/2 round sterling silver band. DETAILS *sterling silver *made in the US *size 6.5
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Kariella Stackable Rings at 96.00 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Stackable Rings
S$ 96.00
Stack em up one, two or more! We love these versatile layering rings, we wear them religiously! Perk: You will never have to polish these beauties! DETAILS *available in gold fill, rose gold and sterling silver *made in the USA
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Kariella Rosary Diamond Necklace at 165.80 SGD from Popmap
Kariella Rosary Diamond Necklace
S$ 165.80
We can't get enough of Joy Dravecky Jewelry! This rosary style wire wrapped stone chain joins a gold diamond connector and is finished with a stone chain drop and hammered diamond. Available in different colors! DETAILS *Measures 20 inches plus 4 inch drop. *Adjustable to wear at 16 inches or 20 inches.
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