Possessing superior performance and durability at the same time, the marvelous KDK fans are built to last for very long time. Furthermore, these stylish fans can blend perfectly with your modern interior as well. Read more about KDK Singapore fans below to find out.


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KDK U60Fw Ceiling Fan Black

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KDK Singapore Fans

The Basics of Choosing the Perfect Fan for the Job

No matter what, a fan is a must-have appliance that you want to get for your office or home. Otherwise, you will know well about the consequences of sitting in a very hot room. Whether you are first-timer or you are just searching for a great replacement of your fan, you can be spoilt for choices because there are tons of different types and designs of fans in the market. Needless to say, it can be an overwhelming experience since there are many things that you should take into account. Thankfully, this is a simple guide that shows you the basic tips for you to choose the right fan for the right job.


Like all appliances, you definitely have to think about how much you are willing to spend for your fan. The amazing thing is that there is a wide range of fans that can suit your budget. If you are aiming for the low-priced fans, you should expect a basic fan that is relatively simple. Ideally, it is suitable for starter apartments and homes. Aside from offering elementary performance, the basic fan is actually available in a lot of different style options.

What about mid-priced fans? First, you can expect more style, finish and even lighting options when you are getting them. Moreover, they normally are more powerful than their low-priced cousins and they are also perfect for most places. Unsurprisingly, they have been said to be transitional design that is between the traditional and contemporary spectrums.

As for the high-priced fans, they certainly worth every penny that you spend on them. While they do display powerful performance, it is certainly impressive that they consume less power during their operation. Tellingly, you can see such results on your power bill!


Another factor that you should consider before getting a fan is the location. Regarding the location, you should take note of the humidity level in it. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the location that has high humidity should use damp-rated or wet-rated fan. As an example, wet-rated fans are the perfect choice for any outdoor location that have more direct contact with water. Naturally, any fan will be great in dry, indoor location.

Area Size

Obviously, you should not rely on your small fan to cover the entirety of the large room. Undeniably, the size of your room can determine the size of your fan. That is why you should consider the size of the room that you want to cover. If you have a long or large room, it is highly recommended for you to utilize several fans. While large diameter fans can be used in either large or small room, you should be able to decide their designs if you want them to blend well with the interior of the room. When it comes to the installation of ceiling fans, it is very important for you to use the ideal distance from floor to fan. Regardless of the ceiling height, you just need to make sure that the distance is between 7 to 9 feet.

Fantastic KDK Singapore Fans

It is impressive to see how a simple fan design can keep your home cool at all times. As one of the most leading fan brands in the market, KDK shows that it can transform your lifestyle with its fans. Furthermore, they perform exceedingly well since they have been designed with emphasis on both performance and reliability. Possessing a well-deserved reputation, KDK offers you fantastic fans that can solve your problems. For more KDK products, you can also take a look at KDK ceiling and table fans.