Keds, a name that is no stranger to the fashion industry, is a brand that’s well known all around the world for the largest collection of canvas and leather sneakers with the endless list of designs and styles. Keds is also responsible for creating the biggest culture in the world which is the sneakers culture. To know more about this game changing brand, do scroll down to read more.


Keds Singapore - Making a change since 1916

The U.S. Rubber company came into existence in 1892 when 9 different rubber manufacturers that were based in Connecticut merged together with an aim to channel the innovative vulcanising process of rubber to produce a range of rubber based goods. In 1916, they decided to produce good quality rubber shoes under one name which was “Peds” (the Latin word for “foot”). They then opted for “Keds” when they found out that “Peds” was already taken which is a Native American word for moccasins.

When the U.S. Rubber Company saw a need in the market for a casual, rubber-soled shoe, Keds took the opportunity to introduce to the world a canvas plimsoll (currently known as the Champion Original) which was an instant hit because of its casual appeal. Its practical design and style that is extremely appropriate with a huge range of outfits and occasions, the Champion Original which was available in both black and white took the whole world by storm and started collecting an ever growing fanbase up to this very day.

Keds is the first ever footwear company to introduce sneakers to the world. The term sneakers was created as a nickname for Keds because of their footwear rubber soles that that made any steps taken so quiet, anyone could “sneak around” without being heard. Even though there was a cultural revolution in the 1960s, canvas sneakers became a common and accepted as sneakers could be seen everywhere, making Keds an universal brand all over the United States. Keds also started spreading their wings all over the world as they become a huge hit everywhere. In countries like Russia, the Pro-Keds (a collection of simple athletic shoes) became so common that the word “Keds” was accepted as a term for sneakers. Today, as one of the most sought after brand, Keds continues to impress the world with their unique and out of this world designs.

Keds Singapore - Collaborations of the year

To further celebrate their awesomeness, Keds has collaborated with some big names in the fashion, music and cosmetics industry. The outcome, pure astounding creation!

Keds + EOS Lip Balms
What’s there not to love about cute shoes and lip balm? They are the two most basic items among many others that most individuals can’t live without. But when EOS and Keds collaborated together, all earth stood still! They created a new line of EOS inspired footwear that are extremely cute and stylish. This collection is available in 3 different styles, Champion eos Passion Fruit, Double Up eos Pomegranate Raspberry and Champion eos Blueberry Acai. You will receive both the shoes and the EOS lip balm with your purchase. Get it now, or forever hold your peace.
Keds + Kate Spade New York
To celebrate Kate Spade New York’s 20th anniversary, Keds has teamed up with one of the biggest name on the fashion industry and created the world best sneakers that comes in 8 fantastic designs. Dipped in vibrant colors, and covered in everything from polka dots, to stripes to zigzagas and even checkered, these limited edition sneakers exude fun and playful femininity. No matter what you pair them with, a summer dress or a lace shorts with a crop top, these footwear will surely be your all-time favorite.
Keds +Taylor Swift
Hold on to your chair for this is surely the collaboration of the year! What can be better than the biggest name in the music industry, Taylor Swift collaborating together with Keds? As her official sponsor for the 1989 World Tour, Keds is proud to announce their latest limited edition sneakers that are perfect for the Taylor Swift’s concerts. These sneakers feature 11 different styles that have playful prints and sunny colors that are certainly in line with Taylor’s girly fashion. To finish it off, a special charm with one of these two styles: a silver heart with Swift’s favorite number 13 or a guitar pick in antiqued brass with her signature in the middle is attached to the sneakers.

Keds Siangapore - Major celebrity following

From presidents, to movie stars, artists to designers, runway models to geeks, everyone owns (or want to) a pair of Keds. Not only have they placed themselves in the heart many individuals, they also have placed themselves on the foot of many more. Some of their famous celebrity fans include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Mila Kunis, Sophie Turner, Lexie Priessman, Lana Del Rey, Krysten Ritter, Lucy Hale, Emma Watson, Chris Brown, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and many more.

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