If baking and cooking are your favourite pastimes, then Kenwood should be your go-to brand when it comes to top-notch kitchen machines. Kenwood mixers are helpful companions in the kitchen as they mix up ingredients in the most efficient way possible. With a Kenwood mixer, baking is just a piece of cake. Check out which Kenwood kitchen machine suits you the best below.

What is the difference between the Kenwood Chef and Major? | Can I buy additional attachments for my Kenwood Chef/Major?


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    Create More with Kenwood Mixer

    Founded on the guiding principles of quality, innovation and design, this British brand remains steadfast in today’s market as the leading brand for kitchen machines. If you are looking for outstanding performance, design efficiency and amazing versatility, Kenwood Mixer is your best pick to create more!

    Did you know that one Kenwood appliance is sold every three seconds across the world? Kenwood is well received across the UK and Europe and is slowly working into the US market going head-on with the brand KitchenAid which owns a larger market share in similar kitchen products manufacturing.

    Prized by millions of cooks worldwide, Kenwood appliances are invaluable tools that are meticulously designed and engineered with the best materials. Kenwood tests each of its appliances fully and individually so that the best is delivered when you buy a Kenwood product.

    Kenwood Mixer Singapore: Built to Last, The Best Kitchen Helper

    Kenwood New kMix Stand Mixer - the all-in-one trusted mixer

    A combo of simplicity, function and style, this Kenwood kMix range of stand mixers is Kenwood’s latest new mixer offering. Designed to suit a vibrant and modern kitchen, it comes in a selection of bright, bold colours. Bake, whip and knead your way to perfect cakes, creams, bread and much more with this stand mixer that has a generous bowl capacity. Powered by a powerful motor for premium mixing, users will also have usage flexibility with a range of available attachments.

    In the pack, users will receive a non-stick coated k-beater, whisk and dough hook tools that will give you the total planetary mixing and folding actions to ensure that all ingredients are perfectly combined without losing any air. Built to last, Kenwood mixing bowls and tools are also easy to clean, dishwasher safe and durable. The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer will be your best kitchen helper!

    Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer — portable mixer-in-hand

    Sometimes, when baking or cooking, a hand mixer is needed to mix and blend all the ingredients. But if your kitchen space is limited, and you prefer an easy-to-clean tool, you might want to opt for a hand mixer instead. The Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer is a high-quality coordinated kitchen accessory that is available in a variety of vibrant, modern colours. It's a piece of art in the kitchen that makes a bright, bold statement about you. Blend away all your mixing needs with Kenwood’s kMix Hand Mixer! Making Dalgona coffee every day is no longer a hassle when you have this handy product at home.

    Kenwood Cooking Chef - your ultimate kitchen helper for everything

    If you have heard of Thermomix, you might have possibly heard of the Kenwood Cooking Chef. This robust kitchen machine does everything a chef would do, from mixing and stirring to cooking and baking. Featuring 20 pre-set cooking programmes, this mixer provides versatility for you to make all sorts of dishes from casseroles, stir-frys, stews, to chocolate desserts. Just by adjusting the temperature, stir intervals and power, you can get creative with how you want your food recipe to turn out.

    Whether it is high power whisking and mixing for dough or slower precise stirring and folding for a delicate mixture, the Cooking Chef does it all for you. Packaged with the kitchen machine include a premium stainless steel bowl as well as 24 additional attachments such as food processor, blender, meat grinder and pasta maker. Covered by a 10-year guarantee and a 10-year motor guarantee, the Kenwood Cooking Chef is bound to stand the test of time. Even though it carries an exorbitant price, this product is worth an investment if cooking homemade food is a regular practice in your family.

    What is the difference between the Kenwood Chef and Major?

    The Kenwood Major is a larger kitchen machine than the Kenwood Chef in terms of motor size and bowl capacity.

    Can I buy additional attachments for my Kenwood Chef/Major?

    Absolutely! You can purchase additional spare parts or attachments for your Kenwood machine just by contacting Kenwood Service Centre at 6356 6708 for further assistance. Additionally, you may head to large departmental stores that carry Kenwood products to acquire your desired attachments. Prior to all of this, make sure to have your model number ready. It can be found on the base of your Kenwood appliance.

    A fully functional kitchen needs the best tools; Kenwood is the best brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. Browse our extensive catalogue of food processors, cookware, hand blenders, coffee machines, and kitchen accessories from Kenwood Singapore here at iPrice.

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