A bag isn't just something you throw your essentials into; they can also be a statement piece that showcases your style and personality. With the extensive bag collection from Kenzo Singapore, you won't ever have to worry about running out of options for your daily wear. Read more about Kenzo bags in Singapore below.


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Versatile Kenzo Bags in Singapore You Need to Add to Your Collection

From large totes to cute crossbodies, the options are endless with the Kenzo bags collection in Singapore. We are all already familiar with Kenzo Singapore's designs and embroidery, predominantly the roaring lion emblem. The Kenzo bags are also designed with the iconic lion along with other kinds of embellishments to make them, and you, stand out from the crowd.

Kenzo Kalifornia

The Kenzo Kalifornia collection features diagonal zippers on the front that resembles the letter "M". It's not the classic Kenzo design but it's minimalistic approach makes these Kenzo bags the perfect addition to your collection. The Kenzo Kalifornia collection comprises of cross body bags, tote bags, and classic shoulder bags all made with premium-quality leather.

These Kenzo bags can be used to essentially any types of functions and since they're made with premium-grade leather, you can put anything inside the Kalifornia bags. If you feel like changing or customizing the straps on your Kenzo Kalifornia bags, the collection also offers additional shoulder straps with fun designs that can truly elevate your Kenzo bags to the next level.

Kenzo Tiger

If you're looking for something that's quintessentially Kenzo, you can always refer to this Kenzo bags collection. The Kenzo Tiger bags are all embellished with the iconic lion emblem whether its embossed, embroidered, or printed. In this collection, you can find bags ranging from backpacks, tote bags, cross body bags, to pouches and wallets.

For versatility, you should opt for one of the Kenzo backpacks. Coming in a variety of sizes, you can bring these Kenzo backpacks to school or work for holding your documents and laptops, or you could get the smaller backpacks for casual use, enough to fit your keys, Kenzo wallet, and other essentials.

Kenzo Sailor

These Kenzo bags are truly out of the ordinary; they're tiny when compared to most Kenzo handbags but are bold and highly functional. The Kenzo Sailor bags comes with many colors and designs to fit with your style preferences. If you're going to a formal function, wear one of the solid-colored purses, like the black on black or the white purse with a brown tassel.

On the other hand, if you can't live without prints and patterns, there's a Kenzo Sailor bag made with green cashmere prints. The print incorporates floral and tropical patterns in the colors of green, yellow, purple, blue, and white. It's suitable for those busy errand days during the hot Singaporean days. No matter which pattern or color you choose, these Kenzo bags are spacious despite its smaller square shape.

No matter which Kenzo bags you choose, it's guaranteed that you'll enjoy using them for a long time as long as you take good and proper care of these handbags. Don't forget to complete your ensemble with Kenzo shoes, clothes, and other miscellaneous accessories.