There's always the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. As one of the leading luxury designer brands, Kenzo Singapore offers an array of footwear that are stylish and comfortable for your everyday wear or for special events. Read more below to find the perfect type of Kenzo shoes in Singapore for all of your footwear needs.

Kenzo sneakers


Top Kenzo Shoes in Singapore For Your Wardrobe

Despite its French origins, Kenzo Singapore was founded by a Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada, in the 1960's. Takada created the fashion house to incorporate Asian and Japanese influences in the quintessential fashion styles of Paris, which he was residing and working in at the time.

While Kenzo is known for their clothing pieces, their shoes also stand out as they're designed impeccably and stylishly. The Kenzo shoes collection comprises of all kinds of footwear from sneakers to ankle boots. No matter where you go, these shoes from Kenzo Singapore will always complete your ensemble.

Kenzo Sneakers

There are a variety of designs under the Kenzo sneakers line although the most predominant design is the white sneakers with a rounded toe embellished with embroidery on the side. However, Kenzo also carries a series of sneakers with a classic silhouette akin to the shoes found in the early 00's or late 90's. The Kenzo Move Sneakers have velvet bodies, a tiger embroidery on the side, and rubber sole that covers almost all of the toe tips. They're available in red, white, black, blue, pink, and white along with other dual-color combinations.

These Kenzo sneakers are perfect for casual wear and are suitable for walking around the city, to wear to class, or to work if your workplace allows smart-casual attire.

Kenzo Espadrilles

Essentially, espadrilles are shoes made with canvas and soles covered by rope. However, Kenzo espadrilles are more than just your regular canvas shoes. These espadrilles from Kenzo Singapore as different platform heights, designs, and colors. Typically, these espadrilles from Kenzo feature similar embroidery as the Kenzo sneakers but there are a few designs that are unlike any other.

The Kenzo K-lastic Espadrilles doesn't resemble your run-of-the-mill espadrilles as the have higher platforms and are made from rubber with pull tab over the front. As a part of the Chinese New Year Collection, this limited addition Kenzo espadrilles can be worn to special events, not just during the Lunar New Years, but also for daily wear along with your other Kenzo clothes.

Kenzo Boots

If sneakers and espadrilles are to basic for you, opt for Kenzo heels instead. Kenzo carries strappy heels, mary janes, and ankle boots in a variety of colors and designs. Perhaps their most popular pair from this Kenzo shoes collection is the Daria Boots, a pair of ankle "sock" boots made with velvet. Available in maroon and black, these Kenzo boots are decorated with a bold vertical line along the front.

Since sock ankle boots are in trend lately, it's easy to pair the Daria Boots from Kenzo Singapore. You can wear a slim fitting or skinny black jeans, leggings, mini skirt or dress, or bell-bottomed pants to do a little homage to the 70's.