Having an active lifestyle is one of the greatest ways to be healthy. Kettler wants to be part of your healthy solution by keeping you active always no matter the weather. Take a look at Kettler products below and click here to learn more about the brand.


Get healthy and fit with Kettlers products available now at iprice Singapore

The key in staying healthy and fit is to keep up an active lifestyle. With the increased tendency to be desk-bound especially for work, many people are trapped in sedentary lives. Busy with work, unhealthy diet and no time for exercise are among the most common reasons why peoples’ health condition deteriorates over the years. However, with Kettlers products, modern people can now be in more control of their lives. From fitness equipment, bicycles to table tennis tables, Kettler products can now be found in more than 60 nations across the world. Kettler offers gym-class indoor fitness equipment that can be placed at home to help keep you and your family maintain an active lifestyle.

Kettler contributes to the well-being and fitness of all

No matter young or old, Kettler products have been supporting many families for more than half a century. We know that weather can change but with Kettler active indoors is now made been easier with the brand’s innovative and high performance sports equipment.

Kettler founded in 1949, it all begin with Heinz Kettler’s small enterprise in Ense-Parsit, Germany. A small factory making patio fruniture and later developed into a world-wide manufacturing and marketing organization that employs more than 2,000 people. Kettler continues to manufacture all its products in Germany to ensure quality and the company is still owned by the same family. Kettler makes tennis tables, toys, bicycles, riding toys, training equipment, exercise tools and even patio furniture.

How does Kettler able to change your lifestyle?

Kettler wants to influence each and everyone’s life. So in 1962, Kettler launched its first pedal vehicle which aims to train the young to be active. Named the Kettcar, a pedal-vehicle with four wheels was created to encourage children to play and stay active. Sold over 15 million units worldwide, Kettler’s Kettcar was widely popular and has even become a synonym for a pedal powered chain vehicle for children in the German dictionary.

Cycling is a very efficient way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, besides helping to improve stamina and metabolic rates of a person, this form of exercise can also help to reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart diseases and prevent stroke. Kettler foresee its benefits thus invested its business in making advanced and created other kinds of exercise equipment that have the similar functions of a bicycle. Kettler makes exercise bikes that are stationary that will allow anyone to cycle indoors no matter the weather conditions; crosstrainers aka elliptical trainers, an equipment that simulate stair climbing, walking, running and cycling without causing excessive pressure to the joints. With both stationary and mobile models, Kettler’s elliptical trainers are among the top class in the world, preferred by professionals during their intensive training.

Most popular Kettler products

Kettler Heavy Duty bicycle models are among the brand’s best-selling products. The perfect companion for long and challenging bike tours, the bikes are designed to withstand a total weight of up to 160 kg making them ideal for sport, tour, trek and city riders who value a high load bearing capacity and maximum comfort. Kettler bikes has a reinforced frame that provides for high stiffness and stability as its design has individual load-bearing components that have been tested for increased loads. Both a statement of style and a great investment, a Kettler bike is definitely your go-to bike for heavy duty rides!

Popular models are:

The Berlin L — a Durable 53 cm 6000 series hydroformed aluminum frame bike
The City Cruiser Comfort, DT — a Durable, 55cm 7000 series hydro-formed aluminum frame bike
The Verso Cologne Folding Bike — a Light and durable 6061 aluminum double lock Easy-Fold frame and stem mechanism bike that is foldable and easy to carry along

Kettler also have a wide variety of exercise bikes to help you maintain an active lifestyle indoors. Kettler’s recumbent exercise bike offers easier access and a more comfortable exercise position, while the ergonomic upright exercise bike is often the choice of those involved in serious athletic training. Whichever the user's preference, Kettler offers plenty to choose for quality and durability.

Popular models are:

Ergo Race II Ltd. — this bike has ad advanced programmable training computer that provides 48 programs including heart rate controlled programming; it also has a high quality, gel-filled racing saddle that supports optimal cycling comfort, ensuring high performance
Racer 7 — this stationary cycling machine has an informative computer with 8 training programs; able to display the following work out data: Speed, RPM, Distance, Time, Energy Consumption, resistance and Pulse Rate, it can also measure heart rate in two ways

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