Playing dress up with your child can be a fun bonding session, especially with girls as there are so many options of dressing styles for them. Check out the best kids flower dresses in Singapore and learn about ways to choose a flower girl dress below!

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Ways to choose a flower girl dress

Taking the time to dress your flower girl gives you the chance to indulge your inner child by being a little playful as well as adding another element to your big day! Read below to learn about the ways to choose a flower girl dress.

Fit does not have to be perfect

The best part about purchasing a flower girl's dress is that it does not have to fit perfectly. Although your wedding dress definitely needs to be fitted nicely, but for your little princess, you can be a little flexible. You do not have to put too much attention on the hemline as the dresses can be loosely skimmed. Moreover, the skirt for the dress can be a little off the ground, even up to their ankles or ballerina length.

One size up

At times, it would be a better idea for parents to purchase clothing’s that are a size bigger so that it can be worn as they grow older. This is because; flower girls are usually quite young and there is likely some growth between the time that you pick the dress for the wedding day. So, you would want to purchase a size or two bigger from what she is currently wearing.

Trendy colours

If you are looking for something to be currently trending, you may go for pastel shade such as ivory which is often paired with a brighter hue such as blush, coral or pale sage green. Try to avoid shades that are too fluorescent in particularly if you have a theme for your wedding, as your flower girl will stand out too much in a group photo. Other colours which are currently popular are champagne and full pastel colours like blush and pale blue.

Get the flower girl’s opinion

The flower girl represents the miniature version of the bride so it is important to ask for her opinion about the dress. Get the type of dress where she can twirl around in and she will definitely be delighted! However, if you are flexible with the dress, give her a few options for her to personally pick.

Choose an appropriate neckline

Ensure that the choice of the dress comes with straps and a reasonably high neckline. This is because; not only will it be more comfortable for your flower girl, but it will also prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions from happening.


As planning and setting a wedding already costs a lot, you can look at purchasing a dress online as it comes in a variety of designs and you may stumble on a few great deals.

Dresses adorned with flowers are great choices for flower girls. Do check out other designs of kids dresses that can be worn for weddings too!