For families who live in colder regions, winter attires are very crucial. For children, winter clothing is available in a variety of styles and designs. One of the most stylish items for kids’ winter clothing are sweaters. Read the article here for tips on how to choose the perfect kids’ sweater.


How to Choose Kids’ Sweaters

When it comes to choosing a sweater for kids, there are a couple of things one must keep in minds. Depending on where you currently reside and what kind of weather you’re getting, you need to pay extra attention to the fabric of the sweater. Then, you need to know the size of your child so the sweater will fit comfortably. Afterwards, you can be a little picky on the style of the sweater and finally, the price of the item.


Children’s sweaters are produced using several kinds of materials. The most common fabrics are wool, cashmere, cotton, wool, linen, polyester, alpaca, and a blend of all the materials mentioned. Wool, cashmere, and cotton are the most common materials. Wool and cashmere sweaters provide the most warmth and insulation. On the other hand, cotton is affordable, accessible, and easy to wash However, it doesn’t retain heat as well and wool and cashmere.


Although you can just easily pick up a small, medium, or large sweater for your child, it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll fit your kid comfortably. You might want to measure your child’s chest size, arms’ length, and length of the torso. Some fabrics can also shrink after a wash or two so it’s recommended to get a sweater that’s slightly bigger than your child’s actual size. When buying a kids’ sweater online, be sure to look for a measurement chart before purchasing.


Just like adult sweaters, children’s sweater comes in a variety of styles. Kids’ sweaters are usually available in the styles of crew neck, v-neck, turtleneck, shawl neck, and notch neck.

  • Crew Neck – Has a round neckline and a narrow band of ribbing. Can be used for formal or casual events.
  • V-Neck – This type of sweater leaves an open room so the clothing underneath can be visible. V-Neck sweaters with buttons can also be considered as a cardigan.
  • Turtleneck – Features a tall collar that is folded over itself to cover the entirety of the neck. Suitable for those with sensitivity to the cold.
  • Shawl Neck – You can find the shawl neck design on children’s cardigans or half-zip sweaters. It has a wide, turned-over collar with the ends narrowing down to the front of the chest.
  • Notch Neck – Notch neck sweaters are quite similar to V-Neck. It features a simple circular opening but has a small V-shaped cutout at the front.

These sweater neck styles are then combined with various sweater openings like half-zip, full-zip, half-button, button-down, or no openings at all.


When planning to buy sweaters for kids, price shouldn’t be your most important factor. Do consider the points above before you buy a sweater for your children. If the price happens to be a very big deal for you, do check out the kids’ sweater catalog here at iPrice. You can find items with discounted price and exclusive offers from our online partners like YOOX and YesStyle.