Want a good mattress for your bed so you can have a good sleep every night? Try King Koil Mattresses, one of the best in Singapore! Browse a wide range of King Koil mattresses below!

How to choose a King Koil Mattress? | How to unbox a King Koil mattress?

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There’s nothing that matches the sheer excitement one feels when looking at the bed after a long week. This is why it is important to invest in quality mattress and pillows. Fortunately, there is a brand that needs no introduction, King Koil has been in the bedding market since 1898. Over the years, this American brand has become one of the leading names in the industry with its quality creations. The brand tagline “King in Sleep Technology” just goes to show how serious King Koil is about providing peaceful slumber for loyal customers in over 70 countries around the world.

What sets King Koil apart from other mattress brands is its excellent manufacturing process. Steeped in tradition, King Koil uses only high-quality materials, enhanced support systems and superior foam-encased springs to ensure you get the best possible experience. Read on to find out how one can get a King Koil item online in Singapore.

How to choose a King Koil Mattress?

The right firmness of the mattress varies according to the preference. Other factors such as hip and back pain play a role in determining what mattress is right for each person.

  • Weight and sleeping position.
  • Compare the firmness of a mattress that you sleep on or once slept on with the mattress types that are available from King Koil to identify whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress compared to the initial mattress. Visit a King Koil Mattress outlet near you for research!

Choosing a King Koil Mattress based on sleeping positions.

  • Lying on Stomach: Firm mattresses are better for this position to support the spine as there is more pressure on the lumbar spine when lying on the stomach.
  • Back Sleepers: The recommended firmness for people who prefer to sleep on their backs are medium to firm mattresses with average contouring.
  • Side Sleepers: The best firmness type for people who prefer to sleep on their side is the medium soft or medium-firm mattress depending on their personal preference.
  • Combination: People who often find themselves in different sleeping positions throughout the night can opt for a medium-firm mattress for the best sleeping experience.

How to unbox a King Koil mattress?

The unboxing of the mattress is quick and easy – just follow these simple steps below:

  1. Move the mattress box to the specific room you want the mattress to be in.
  2. Remove the mattress from the box and place it at the end of the bed.
  3. Cut the plastic layer carefully using the provided King Coil Blade and unroll gently following the sticker guideline.
  4. It takes approximately 1 day for the mattress to expand completely, however it’s safe to lay on when it looks comfortable and ready.

King Koil Mattress thickness and weight

The Galax Luna has a thickness of 32cm which is 12.6 inches and the Galax Stella is 28cm in thickness which is 11 inches. The mattresses vary in weight depending on the size.

  • King-sized King Koil mattresses weigh 42kg
  • Queen sized King Koil mattresses weight 34.5kg
  • Super Single sized King Koil mattresses weigh 24.5kg
  • Single King Koil mattresses weigh 21kg

How to dispose of an old King Koil Mattress?

King Koil offers customers a free disposing service for old mattresses. The King Koil company can pick up the old mattress on the day a new King Koil mattress is delivered to the home.

The King Koil Warranty

The warranty covers any defects except fabric defects on the mattress. However, the warranty exchange can only be made by the original purchasers themselves.