Unless you’re Martha Stewart or Gordon Ramsay, you will still need a set of food scale in your kitchen to ease the process of cooking and baking. With so many factors to consider when it comes to baking the perfect pastry or cake, a kitchen scale can do most of the work for you. Read the article by clicking here to know why you need this baking tool.

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Why Every Cooks and Bakers Need to Use Kitchen Scales

Think of baking and cooking as a science experiment; you need to have the exact measurements of every ingredient listed in the recipe. If something is amiss, the final result will not be as tasty as the recipe promised it to be.

Even if you follow the exact recipe using measuring cups, the weight is often inaccurate. This is because every kitchen and every baker have different sets of measuring cups with different weight and material. Using a baking scale provide accuracy, ease, faster cooking, and less cleanup.

Food scales, especially digital scale or electronic scale, are godsend; you can measure your ingredients inside their containers by resetting the scale and divide the ingredients easily. If you’re planning to double or splitting the recipe in half, use a kitchen scale to divide or multiply the measurements. Let’s say the recipe requires you to use 125 grams of flour, which roughly equals to one cup. And if you want to divide it in half, it might be difficult to measure 62.5 grams of flour using a cup.

People with special dietary regimen can also benefit from food scales. Those who require consuming a specific amount of food might find it hard to eat daily without using a kitchen scale. If your dietician or personal trainer tells you to eat 1.6 pounds of oats every day, then get yourself a food scale.

Types of Kitchen Scale

  • Digital Scale – This type of scale is one of the most accurate kitchen measuring tools. Although they can be quite expensive, they can measure the smallest amount of ingredients, weighing it down to the second decimal digit.
  • Balance Scale – The balance scale uses a simple mechanism to maintain its accuracy, even after it’s been used for many years. However, it doesn’t measure small amounts like a digital scale could.
  • Mechanical Scale – This scale comes in two varieties: a hanging scale and a platform scale. They’re easy to use and extremely affordable. The springs used for the platform scale will wear out, so be ready to replace them to maintain accuracy,
  • Metric Scale – For people from the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar, the metric scale can convert the imperial system (pounds and ounces) to metric system (liters and grams). This is useful if the recipe states the measurements in the internationally-recognized metric system.
  • Large Capacity Scale – If you often measure ingredients what weigh more five pounds, it is best to get yourself a large capacity scale. It can also be used to measure food in large quantities. Large capacity scales are available as a balance, digital, or mechanical scale.

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