If you love to bake, then a bakeware set in your kitchen would be a life-saver. Check out the best bakeware sets from the hottest brands in Singapore or find out more about the type of materials used in bakeware sets below.

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Different Materials Used in Bakeware Sets

For homemakers and chefs, whether pastry or gourmet, a bakeware set could do wonders in the kitchen. Providing you with a selection of molds and pans, bakeware sets are flexible tools that can boost your kitchen game to the nest level. When choosing the perfect bakeware set for your kitchen, the first thing that you need to do is determine the type of material used on each piece.

Here are the most common materials used to make bakeware sets:

Materials Used





Comes in three types: bare, non-stick, and anodized.

Aluminum sets are affordable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, aluminum bakeware tend to wear down quickly compared to other materials.

Cast Iron

Cast iron sets come in two types: enameled, and bare.

Great conductor of heat which gets really hot and stays that way for longer periods of time. It is also heavy and multi-functional.

Top quality cast iron bakeware can come with a price plus it takes a while to clean. Moreover, bare cast-iron needs more lubrication when cooking.


Steel bakeware sets have two types: stainless, and carbon steel.

The chromium in steel prevents it from accumulating rust and stains and are affordable.

With the case of carbon steel, it needs to be maintained properly to prevent rust and corrosion.


One of the first materials introduced that's both flexible and heat-safe.

Because of its flexible and heat resistant nature, silicone has great non-stick properties plus it is easy to maintain and clean.

Silicone's flexibility is also its weakness. It can be hard to handle silicone bakeware when preparing batter plus it doesn't radiate heat as much as metal ones which could result in half-baked results.


Great for casserole pans and baking dishes, glass bakeware is made from heat-tempered glass for durability.

Provides a smooth surface that's easy to clean. It is also stain resistant.

Can be fragile and prone to breaking. Glass bakeware is also heavier compared to others.


A classic material for bakeware and a top choice for chefs.

Copper is great for transferring heat and it also cools down quickly compared to cast iron or stainless steel. It's responsiveness to heat allows you to be accurate on your temperature settings.

Copper can be reactive to acidic foods which can affect the color and taste. Like cast-iron, copper is more on the pricey side of bakeware sets.


Ceramic bakeware comes in a wide selection of materials used such as stoneware and porcelain, which differ in color and durability.

Ceramic bakeware conducts heat evenly and takes a while to cool down.

Like glass, ceramic is less durable and prone to scratches, breakage, and chips.

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