A kitchen is nothing without its utensils and without these kitchen utensils, your cooking will always be subpar. One of the most important kitchen utensils that you must have is a ladle. Read the article here to find out more about ladles, its different types, and its different uses.

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The Different Types of Ladles in Singapore That Everyone Must Have

Anyone who has stepped into a kitchen or have cooked at least once in their lives must be familiar with a ladle. This kitchen utensil typically has a long stem and handle complete with a deeper bowl and bowl tip than the usual spatula or spoon. This makes it easier for you to spoon out liquids and other food items with lesser viscosity. There are different types of ladles made with varying materials, each of them are essential to your cooking journey and to complete your kitchen gadgets collection.

Soup Ladle

This is perhaps the most popular ladle in the market today. The soup ladle has a long handle, about 15 inches or 38cm long, to make it easy for you to scoop out soup, broths, or sauces from big, tall pots. It also features a wide bowl, sometimes with the spout on the side for an easier pour.

Sauce Ladle

Some might think that a soup ladle and a sauce ladle are one and the same but the former has a longer handle than latter. This is because it is only used to pour out sauces and condiments from a smaller pot or bowl. The bowl of a sauce ladle is often smaller than the soup ladle to give you more control when pouring out a portion.

Slotted Ladle

A slotted ladle is unsuitable for liquids and soups, of course, but you still need this type of kitchen utensil for other purposes. The slotted ladle can help you drain cooked pasta without spilling any of them into the sink. You can also use it to scoop out canned goods like beans, tuna, fruits, and veggies that are stored in liquid.

Different Ladle Materials

Like many other kitchen utensils, ladles are made with various materials. Back in the day during the ancient times, ladles were usually made from plants or seashell. The most popular plant used to make a ladle is calabash or bottle gourd.

In the modern days, however, a ladle can be made from all popular kitchen materials. The most popular and widely-used is stainless steel because it can handle high heat and can last for years to come. Other than stainless steel alloys, this kitchen utensil can also be made from aluminum, silver, wood, plastic, bamboo, or melamine resin.

Storing and Washing A Ladle

You can opt to store your ladles inside your cabinet or in the kitchen utensils holder placed by the stove. Besides this, you can also choose to but the ladles equipped with a hook so you can place them above your stoves. Washing a ladle is relatively easy; just like other kitchen gadgets, simply rinse them with warm water and scrub the grease away with a dish soap. You can also cut the work in half by placing them inside the dishwasher. Make sure to set the setting based on the material of the ladle.

Don’t forget to complete your kitchen utensil collection with pans, pots, and other cookware accessories.