More than just a staple tool in your kitchen, the knife enables you to prepare any food once you know how to use properly. Furthermore, there are many different types of knives that you should get to complete culinary goals. Read more about knives below to find out.


Essential Guide to Choose the Best Knives that Suit Your Needs

Most of the time, people tend to overlook the knives in their kitchens because they assume that any knife can do its job without much trouble at all. Not only that, they also mistakenly believe that they should not buy any speciality knives because only professional chefs use them. As if it is not worse enough, many people actually do not have the suitable knife collection at their disposal. Needless to say, this leads to unpleasant cooking experience as a lot of people have problems during preparing their food due to poor knife choices.

Unsurprisingly, such problem can be easily avoided when you get the right knife for the right job. Given the fact that there are tons of different knives in the market, it can be overwhelming to select a suitable knife. Moreover, you can be easily spoilt for choices. Despite this, there are several steps that make it easier for you to select your knives. Hence, this is an essential guide that can help you to choose the best knives that can suit your needs.

Getting the Right Fit

Needless to say, the knife has been best described as a dance partner. In other words, you must get a knife design that you are comfortable with. Indeed, a good knife design will be the one that you can always use without any fear or worry. One of the famous celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay, has suggested that the key to using your knife effectively is to make sure that you are able to use and handle it comfortably. Yet, the truth shows that the knife is not the type that can fit everyone well. This is because one knife that feels comfortable in your hands can be unbearable for other people.

In short, there is not a single knife design that is just right for everyone. However, the advantages of having a knife that suits you well actually outweighs the hassle of finding it. When you have the right knife, everything that you do from chopping to slicing will be more pleasurable and precise at the same time. Therefore, it is important to search for the right knife.

Types of Knives that You Should Get

Aside from the classic chef knife that you can always find in your kitchen, there are other important types of knives that you should get.

Paring Knives

Perfect for peeling and coring, the paring knives are usually about 3 to 4 inches long. Not only that, you can use paring knives to do small, delicate or intricate work such as removing the seeds, cutting small garnishes, skinning, de-veining and others. Due to its small size, it is important for you to select the one that you can hold comfortably. Not only that, it should also be incredibly versatile enough to perform any precise cuts or shapes.

Carving Knives

While it is not necessary for you to have the carving knives in your kitchen, you will definitely them to be handy especially during special occasions. These are the knives that you need to take good care of the big roasts on your table. As a matter of fact, you will love them as they can help you to serve large roasts without much trouble at all.

Cleaver Knives

Without further introduction, the cleaver knives are the ones that you use to hack through animal bones, mince the meat, chopping huge vegetables or take apart themeat. As for the cleaver knives, you should choose the ones with a good handle so that you can enjoy their excellent grip during "hacking" sessions.

Bread Knives

Whether you like it or not, bread knives are amazing tools that can slice loaves of bread with precision and ease. Like any knife, you should select the design that contains perfect balance and weight in order to enjoy easy control of the blade. In a simpler term, you must get the one that feels well-balanced to slice effortlessly.