For cheese connoisseurs and chefs, having a cheese knife in your kitchen is necessary. Created solely for cutting, slicing, and dicing cheese, cheese knives are more than just one type of knife. Read more about different cheese knives below or check out the best cheese knives in Singapore.

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Different Types of Cheese Knives

As what you may all know, a cheese knife is a type of knife made especially for cutting cheese. Because there are different types of cheese - each differing in consistency, texture, and size, a variety of cheese knives are also available.

Type of Cheese

What Cheese is it Meant For?


Fork-tipped spear

For holding hard and aged cheese; also used for serving. Forks are also used to break up crumbly cheese like stilton and feta.

Forked-tipped spear cheese knives are utensils with a two-pronged fork meant for picking up, holding down, and oftentimes grating cheese. A fork-tipped spear is a multi-functional tool that you can use for handling hard cheese.

Small Spade

Made for cutting hard to semi-hard cheese.

Otherwise known as cheese cleavers, small spade cheese knives looks like a flat shovel with sharp edges.

Hard Cheese Knife

Made for hard cheeses like parmesan and sometimes chesire.

This type of knife resembles a traditional chef knife but has a shorter blade and longer handle. Some variation of a hard cheese knife has long blades made for cutting wheels or big chunks of cheese.

Gorgonzola Knife

Made for cutting gorgonzola cheese and for other firm cheeses.

A Gorgonzola knife is a type of cheese knife made especially for gorgonzola cheese, however, it can also be used on other firm or buttery cheeses. Gorgonzola knives are characterized by their flat blade that elongates at the top and an angled handle.

Open Work Blade Knife

Made for soft cheese like cream and cottage cheese.

This unique cheese knife is known for its "holes" on the blade to allow soft cheese to separate easily. It has a large, curved blade with edges at the top and a handle.

Why Choose a Cheese Knife?

Perfect for cheese-lovers, restaurant-owners, chefs, and connoisseurs, a cheese knife is a perfect way to handle cheese, especially when you have more than just one. Choosing the right cheese knife is important because it could affect the overall presentation of your dish, especially if you are using a lot of cheese. For example, if you are using a hard cheese knife to cut soft cheese, you could end up crushing it, destroying its appeal on the dish. In reverse, if you use a soft cheese knife on hard cheese, you would end up not being able to cut it or simply ruin the cheese block. Having a set of cheese knives is important, especially if you're a professional.

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