Everyone who loves cooking knows the importance of having different knives in your kitchen. Check out the best kitchen knife sets in Singapore or read more about different types of knives that you should have in your set.

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Different Types of Knives that you Should Have in your Set

In the kitchen, you will be dealing with different ingredients with a variety of textures, quantity, and thickness. Thankfully, kitchen knives are developed according to what and how you're going to chop, slice, and dice these ingredients. If you love to cook, then a kitchen knife set would be a life saver in the kitchen. Here are different types of kitchen knives that you should have on your set:

Chef's knife

Otherwise known as cook's knife, the design was first attributed to cutting vegetables and cut large slices of beef. It is an all-around tool for many cooks either at home or at restaurants.

Paring knife

Perfect for cutting small fruits and vegetables, a paring knife is small which allows for better precision in the easiest way possible.

Bird's beak paring knife

If you are into garnishing your dishes, then a bird's beak paring knife would be helpful around the kitchen. Because of its curved blade, it is easier for you to create garnish and peel fruits and vegetables with ease.

Utility knife

Like a chef's knife, a utility knife is an all-around tool which can slice fruits and veggies as well as trim excess fat from meat.

Boning knife

As what the name suggests, a boning knife is perfect for breaking down a whole chicken or butterflying pork or lamb thanks to its curved and flexible blade.

Butcher's knife

If you are dealing with larger cuts of meat, then a butcher's knife would be the perfect tool. Aside from meat, it can also help cut large portions of fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, and squash.

Bread knife

A bread knife features a long narrow blade with groove edges to easily slice meat as well as bread and even cakes.

Carving knife

For thin and even slices of turkey, chicken, or ham, a carving knife would achieve the results that you need. Thanks to its thin and grooved blade, one slice would be enough to cut through.

Hardy slicer

For tough portions of meat and hard fruits like pumpkin, and even hard cheese, the hardy slicer would be the blade of choice because of its bigger blade and Double-D edge.

Meat cleaver

Like the hardy slicer, a meat cleaver can easily separate ribs with its ultra-sharp yet heavy blade.

Santoku knife

Like the chef's knife, the santoku knife is also an all-around cutting tool around the kitchen. What makes it different is the drop point tip for precision.

Salmon knife

If you love to prepare salmon, then a salmon knife is definitely a must-have in your kitchen. Because of its long, thin, and flexible blade, separating skin from the meat is easier and with more accuracy.

Kitchen shears

Although not a knife, kitchen shears are a great tool to have in the kitchen. You can easily open packaging, cut twine, and snip herbs and spices with a pair of kitchen shears.

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