Dining tables are some of the most useful kitchen furniture. From the more common rectangular tables to elevated tables, your choices are unlimited. Find out more about dining table types below.

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5 Types of kitchen dining tables you can get

Food is something we Singaporeans love. In fact, much of our social lives revolves around eating. Particularly in the home, food brings the whole family together. From reunion dinners to our daily home-cooked meals by mom, we can’t resist our meals. This is why a good dining table is needed in our kitchen. Kitchen dining table sets are one of the first pieces of furniture to go into our new homes.

Just like any other type of furniture, there are hundreds of options of dining tables to choose from. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a kitchen dining table set that fits well with your home. So which set should you get? Well, here are some options you can choose from.

Square & rectangular tables

The most common types of dining tables you’ll find in Singaporean homes are the square and rectangular tables, more so rectangular tables as the average family has at least 5 members. Rectangular tables are simple and functional. No fuss at all. If you are one who loves basic, simple, yet functional furniture, you should get a rectangular table. Simply think about how many people you want to fit on the table. Typically, rectangular tables come in 6-8 people capacity. When searching for table sets, you will usually be recommended rectangular tables.

Round tables

For those who are more traditional, you should consider round tables. As many of our ancestors used round, heavy, marble stone tables, it’s no surprise that these types are common in Asian countries. Round tables give the impression that there are no boundaries between each individual at the table.

Today, round tables come in mostly wood and glass. Occasionally, you can find round tables that are made of marble, but those will cost more than the other variants. What you need to keep in mind with a round table is that it might not match the angular shape of your dining area (which is perfect if you’re looking for an abstract look).

Space-saver tables

In this day and age, we tend to run out of space. For those who are conscious of how much space is used for dining tables, we have the option of using space-saver tables. Space-saver tables range from the foldable tables to the reclining benches that fold out of the wall. These bad boys allow for you to store them away when done with eating. Many of these fold right back into the wall. Unfortunately, you may need to customize the surrounding area to accommodate the folding table.

Glass tables

You know what screams ‘classy’? Glass tables. Although highly discouraged for those who have kids, glass tables add a sense of premium quality and finesse to any dining area. The ability to see through your dining table adds a rich feel to your dining experience. you have the choice of getting the top fully glass or half wood, half glass.

Elevated tables

Ooh! These tables are the sh*t bruh! Elevated tables are for those high-rollers. Elevated tables are basically tables that are suspended in the air. Usually hung with rope or wire cables, elevated tables allow you to dine without the restriction of the table’s stand blocking your feet. Inspired by abstract art and the contemporary culture, elevated tables allow you to look modern while dining.