Take your favourite drinks with you wherever you go with the best of tumblers in Singapore. Get some delicious beverage recipes below.

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Best drinks to bring with you using tumblers

When out and about, we need to keep hydrated. The best way to keep hydrated is to bring a tumbler around with us. But the beauty of tumblers is the ability to customize our beverages to keep us hydrated and full. In Singapore, we get tumblers sizes and designs for both adults and children. Of course, the designs for kids are more colourful and bright to get the children excited. Let’s look at some drink recipes you can bring along with you during your day using tumblers.

Weight-loss smoothie

Why put on extra calories during your day when you can bring your weight-loss concoctions with you? One sure way to supplement your intake is to create a weight-loss smoothie to bring with you. Here’s a simple recipe to you can bring in your tumbler to supplement weight-loss:

First get all these ingredients ready:

  • 2 Sticks of Celery
  • 1 Banana or Apple
  • Handful of Kale or Baby Spinach
  • 1 cup Almond milk or low-fat milk
  • Half cup of ice (optional)

The idea of smoothies is to get all your vitamins, antioxidants and minerals into your diet in the quickest way possible. So grab your blender and let’s get to work. Add all the natural ingredients in your blender. Ice is optional if you use frozen bananas. Blend all the ingredients together. Pour them into your favourite tumbler and you’re ready to conquer the day!

Meal-supplement smoothie

Not everyone has time to prepare their meals for the day. Why not replace your meals with a smoothie? Try out this smoothie below. Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 Banana
  • ¼ Ripe Papaya
  • Handful of Spinach
  • 2 Sticks of Celery
  • 1 cup Coconut water
  • Half cup of ice (optional)

The same idea with any other smoothie, simply blend all the ingredients together. Ice is optional especially if the fruits are frozen. Be sure to have a tumbler that can fit all the ingredients together. For those of you who want to pack on protein, add a spoonful of protein powder to get your muscles on.

Ultimate milkshake

Sometimes, a sweet treat if the best reward. Milkshakes are the best sweet treat. The best thing about milkshakes is that you can bring it wherever you want. Simply get a tumbler and pour in your sweet drink. Here is a recipe for a yummy milkshake:

  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 2 cups of milk
  • ¼ cup of crushed Oreo cookies
  • A squeeze of Hershey’s chocolate syrup

Milkshakes preps are much like smoothies. Simply blend all the ingredients. Be sure the ice cream is not melted. If it melts before you prep the milkshake, put it back in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before blending it. This recipe can be the base for many other types of milkshakes. Substitute the vanilla ice cream with chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel or any other flavour of ice cream for a variety of flavours. If you’re serving friends at home, you may want to serve in cups & mugs instead.

These recipes provide for an easy diet with the use of tumblers. Remember to get tumblers that not only fit your smoothies and milkshakes, keep the beverages cold and fresh while you’re out.