For most homes, spoons are important kitchen utensils used for cooking or eating. If your kitchen is in need of some new spoons, check out these amazing kitchen products from the best brands in Singapore or read more about different types of spoons below.

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Different Types of Spoons

For eating or cooking, spoons play a crucial role in the kitchen. Whether for mixing or picking up food from your plate, spoons have always been a staple tool. The best thing about spoons is that there is not just one kind; there are a lot of spoons designed for the food they are supposed to be used with. Here's a list of different types of spoons that you should know about.

Table Spoon

This is the type of spoon that we all know and love. A tablespoon can be used in different types of food such as rice dishes, soups, and even minestrones.

Fruit Spoon

As the name suggests, a fruit spoon is used for scooping out fruits, fruit dishes, and appetizers. Fruit spoons look similar to a tablespoon but slightly smaller.

Moka Teaspoon

Otherwise known as moka spoons, this type of spoon is designed to be used for stirring Italian-style coffee from a Moka machine.

Tea or Coffee Spoon

Slightly larger than the moka teaspoon, this is the normal teaspoon designed for stirring tea, American or other European-style coffee.

Cappuccino Spoon

Capuccino spoon or often called baby spoon is a type of spoon larger than the moka teaspoon and designed for breakfast meals such as yogurt or other food that requires a larger spoon cup. Because of its special shape, cappuccino spoons are also used for toddlers hence the term "baby spoon".

Ice Cream Spoon

Ice cream is part of everyone's diet so an ice cream spoon is essential in your kitchen utensils. What makes an ice cream spoon unique is the spoon cup which is rectangular in shape.

Long-drink Spoon

If you have been served drinks in long glasses, then a long-drink spoon would be an appropriate utensil to stir it, especially if it has solid ingredients.

Yoghurt Spoon

What makes yogurt spoons different is its wide and rounded spoon cup for holding a big bite of food.

Cheese Spoon

Designed for grated cheese, a cheese spoon has a semi-rectangular spoon cup and can often have decorations on it.

Sugar Spoon

A spoon you would surely recognize, a sugar spoon is used for transferring sugar to small-sized cups. To do that, a sugar spoon has raised and narrow edges on the spoon cup to prevent spillage.

Salad Spoon

A spoon designed specifically for eating salads, a salad spoon is elongated which helps when mixing salads or different vegetables.

Cream Spoon

A cream spoon is a type of spoon used for serving sauces or different types of cream on a plate. It has a rounded spoon cup and a long handle.

Serving Spoon

A spoon that is slightly larger than the normal tablespoon, it is used for serving dishes usually at buffet-style restaurants or servings. This spoon usually comes with a serving fork.