With the popularity of EDM culture in Singapore, more and more Singaporeans are interested in creating music from a computer or a small home studio. With this drive comes Korg Singapore and their exciting array of audio interfaces, synthesizers, effects, accessories, and so much more! Check out our selection of Korg products or read more about the brand below.

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Korg Singapore - Music Made Better

As both an art and a science, music has been around ever since man has evolved into what we know today. While music may sound different from centuries ago, the key elements to creating them remain the same such as melody, harmony. Today, everyone has the potential to become a musician, all you need to have is the passion and a little bit of musical skill. Fueling every musician's dream Korg Singapore brings you a great selection of synthesizers, software, effects, drums, amplifiers, and a great deal of accessories that would help you achieve the tone or melody that you want.

About Korg Singapore

With a goal to create new experiences in music and performance, Korg has been an innovator in the music industry. Founded in Japan in 1963 by Tsutomoh Katoh and Tadashi Osanai, the brand has continuously revolutionized the music industry. Throughout the years, Korg has created groundbreaking and unique musical instruments such as Japan's first disc-based rhythm machine, and the Doncamatic which led to the creation of Japan's first synthesizer. Korg has set itself apart from other brands by delivering easy to use products without compromising the quality of sound which inspires artists from all over the globe.

Artists with Korg

Korg provides artists with flexibility and control with their music. This musical freedom has allowed many artists such as Aaron Draper, Joe Arick, Loren Gold, Jonah Nilsson, Bill Payne, and many others to create and produce music without constraints. Trusted by many professionals around the world, you can never go wrong with choosing Korg.

Korg Products for Musicians in Singapore

One thing that sets Korg apart from other brands is their flexible price range. Without compromising the quality of sound, Korg produces affordable items for musicians in all backgrounds. From your basic home studio needs to professional-grade equipment, Korg Singapore has everything. Here are some amazing studio equipment and products that you can grab from Korg Singapore online:

Synthesizers/ Keyboards

The invention of the synthesizer has changed the way we create music. By producing electrical signals and converting them to sound, synthesizers has allowed musicians to create their own music. In the form of an electronic keyboard, synthesizers often have other input devices such as sequencers, instrument controllers, fingerboards, electronic drums, and so much more. If you are looking for Korg synthesizers in Singapore, you should check out their iconic Kronos Workstation and analogmodelingsynthesizers such as the MicroKorg XL+ Synthesizer/ Vocoder.

DJ and Production Tools

The popularity of electronic dance music or EDM has skyrocketed Korg to one of the top brands. With Korg, almost everyone can become a DJ with their equipment such as their iconic MS20 monophonic synthesizer, their KAOSSILATOR Series, and KAOS Pad, and Volca series.

Computer Gear

Compared to a few generations ago, creating music today requires the help of a computer. Not only does it help fine tune an instrument, it also helps create sounds that you could never achieve with an instrument alone. Korg Singapore has MicroKeys, NanoKeys, and NanoKontrol Series which help musicians achieve a level of perfection when producing music. All you need to do is plug them to your computer and you're ready for a jam.


Aside from hardware, Korg also has software or DAWs that you can easily install in your computer. This way, you would accurately create the tone or melody that you want and it can also connect to any of your Korg products. What's more is that you can also get hold of Korg music apps which helps you create music on the go!

Drums and Percussion

Music is never complete without rhythm that is why drums and percussions play an important role in creating music. If a drum set is too expensive or too big for your home studio, you can settle for Korg's excellent selection of drum machines and drum pads such as the WAVEdrum series to give life to your melodies.


For any guitar or bass player, having the perfect effects pedal is as important as the instrument itself. These gadgets enable musicians to manipulate the sound they produce, allowing your instruments to play different types of sounds than what they are constrained to.Korg has a selection of effects that you should check out such as the NuVibe Vibrato Chorus Effector and the SDD-3000 Programmable Digital Delay Pedal.

Aside from those mentioned above, Korg Singapore also has a selection of tuners and metronomes as well as digital pianos, and accessories. If you are thinking of creating music and setting up a studio, Korg Singapore has everything you need, and more!