Manned only by over 200 staff, Kotobukiya has managed to stay at the top of the toy manufacturing and toy collecting market as one of the best brands. With a bevy of their own original designs and licensed brands, Kotobukiya caters to many different fanbases. Read more here.

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What is Kotobukiya?

Kotobukiya Co. LTD is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of several different types of toys and model kits. Although they may produce a variety of toys and model kits, their main target market is not the mass consumer market who purchase toys for their children. Kotobukiya primarily produces a lot of high quality toys that are aimed towards slightly more mature audiences such as toy collectors and experienced model kit builders.

The Origin of Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya was first founded in 1947 by its founder Jusaburo Shimizu (who is still the current president of the company). Its first inception took the form of a toy store that sold dolls, operated by Shimizu himself. As the years went by Kotobukiya would become a limited liability company in 1953, where they continued to be focused in retail sales of toys.

What makes Kotobukiya famous today did not start during its inception or during its change into a limited liability company however. Kotobukiya would only start creating original products such as their renowned model kits in 1983. Their first licensed product in collaboration with other company started in 1985 with Japan's very own King Godzilla as a model kit.

Their line of impressive vinyl statues and Active Styling Figures (known as ARTFX Statues today) that they are also very well known for today began in 1989. The two types of figures then lead to the production of fully assembled fully painted resin statues that are available today such as Kotobukiya Fine Art Statues, Action Figures, and many others.

Even as a toy manufacturing company, Kotobukiya has three different business ideals that they follow dearly:

  1. "Contribute to society and continue to be the No. 1 company that always provides excitement and surprise ina healthy environment to our dedicated fanbase."
  2. "Continue to always challenge the world with our frontier spirit in order to keep providing goods of a superior quality."
  3. "Continue to be an organization overflowing with creative ambition, continually bettering ourselves through a spirit of respect for humans in order to enrich the overall quality of life through work."

Kotobukiya today

Kotobukiya today is one of the more famous toy companies among many toy collectors and model kit enthusiasts around the world. They produce a number of original products (designed in-house) as well as manufacture a lot of licensed products from other brands. Kotobukiya today also acts as an OEM for other companies who may wish to produce toys. They not only manufacture toys however, they also oversee the sales of their products through many retailers worldwide, and also run two of their very own stores in their homeland of Japan.

Here is a complete list of their current fields of business:

  1. Toy & novelty design, development, creation, wholesale, retail, and import & export
  2. Book, artwork, figure, and character merchandise design, development, creation, publication, wholesale, retail, and import & export
  3. Complete character product line in-store and mail-in order sales
  4. Event and promotion creation, design, planning, management, and operation
  5. Design services
  6. Model construction material, parts, and tools research, development, creation, retail, and import & export
  7. Overseas sales of company products

Kotobukiya Products in Singapore

Kotobukiya first began with producing model kits, soon thereafter they began making many other kinds of figures as well. The type of toys and products they produce are listed below:

Pre-painted and pre-assembled PVC figures:
Assembled figures made with PVC plastic.
Pre-painted, easy-to-assemble soft vinyl kits:
Pre-painted kits that are easy to assemble.
Art Figure Collection:
Series of assembled figures.
Action Figures:
Painted and assembled figures that are articulated with joints, part of the ARTFX lineup.
Soft Vinyl Statues:
Assembled decorative figure statues made with soft vinyl, part of the ARTFX lineup.
Resin cast statues:
Figure statues made of resin cast.
Trading mini-figures:
Tiny figures that are highly collectible, typically sold in large amounts in a single box.
Plastic model kits:
Typically mechanical figures and vehicles such as robots that have to be assembled and painted; feature movable parts assembly.
Trading Pins:
Highly collectible printed pin badges.
Model kit assembly supplies:
Various different accessories and supplies that can complement model kit building such as tools and extra accessories for figures.
Printed magazines that focus and feature the many hobbies, arts, and subcultures.

    Kotobukiya's Licensed Brands

    Although Kotobukiya does produce their own line of original figures and products that are developed and designed in-house, majority of their products also take the form of licensed goods from other larger brands such as Star Wars, Halo, Alien VS Predator, Armored Core, and many other anime (Japanese animation) properties.

    The products from Kotobukiya of these other brands are highly sought after because of their determination in replicated all of the great details of the characters, vehicles, and worlds meticulously. The toys and accessories may fetch a high price, but they are truly worth what you pay for. So remember, if you are a toy collector or is someone who is getting into the hobby, Kotobukiya is a trustworthy brand.