For 28 years, La Gourmet has developed a wide range of products that make cooking and food preparation a breeze. Using materials of the highest quality coupled with environmentally friendly technology and design, La Gourmet’s kitchen appliances, cookware and tableware provide the best kitchen experience. Kick start your healthy cooking journey with La Gourmet today!


Best Cooking Appliances from La Gourmet Singapore

La Gourmet Truly Oriental 1.2L Toughened Claypot

Now you can cook your own claypot chicken rice or homemade poon choy (Chinese casserole) with this heat-resistant ceramic pot. Its heat resistance can reach up to 1300°C, so it won’t shatter no matter how high the temperature is on the gas hob. Whether it is frying, grilling, boiling or stewing, any recipe would be turned into a scrumptious dish with the versatile La Gourmet claypot.

La Gourmet Shogun Senjo Marble Open Wok

Consisting of 7 layers including 4 layers of coating, this La Gourmet wok is ideal for those with an induction cooker in their kitchen. It stands out among many great woks with its energy-saving technology due to an excellent heat conductivity that saves time and energy in cooking. Produced by the biggest Swiss non-stick manufacturer, the non-stick coating is Tritanium Mega, which allows food to slide off easily so that no residue is stuck to the wok. The non-stick coating also means less oil is needed.

La Gourmet Sakura Plus 4.5L Thermal Cooker

Not a big fan of spending too much time in the kitchen? Or are you too caught up with multiple tasks to the point where you have no time to cook? Save your time and energy with this La Gourmet thermal cooker. All it takes is 15 minutes of cooking in the inner pot on the stove, then close the lid until it releases steam. Transfer the pot into the outer thermal pot and cover it with a lid, and you’re all set! The thermal cooker uses a convection effect to retain heat for up to 30 minutes, before keeping warm for up to 8 hours. Since it’s available in either 3L or 4.5L, you can cook up a storm with this thermal cooker anytime.

Apart from kitchen appliances, you can also find La Gourmet thermal flask and La Gourmet lunch box here, both of which are essentials for picnics as well as food and beverage takeaways.