Have you ever come to the situation where you have leftovers, or you ordered takeout for lunch but you did not know where to store it? Throwing those foods can be such a waste but afraid not! La gourmet provides you with an abundance of selections for you to choose from. Read more about La gourmet Lunch Box down below.

La gourmet

La Gourmet: The Essential You Need

In the past, people used to live in rural villages where the majority of their food was grown locally. Almost everything was produced locally, including milk, eggs, and cheese, and it wasn't uncommon for food to go right from the garden to the table.

Today, we have a greater reliance on just-in-time food delivery than ever before as we store less food in our homes. These days, technology is what keeps us fed, and most of us are utterly dependant on it to live.

With that said, having lunch boxes or storage containers at hand will be very helpful. Even greater help when you did not know what to cook or eat, you will always have something stored away! Scroll below to select the La Gourmet that you might like;

Thermalware La Gourmet Lunch Container

Studies have shown that many plastic and lined aluminium containers leach toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA). Because it is comprised of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, La Gourmet Thermalware was created to solve these concerns. BPA-free, non-leaching, and toxin-free, this product 18/8 stainless steel offers a healthy and safe alternative to lined metal or plastic containers.

La gourmet Thermalware is made of double-walled vacuum pumped stainless steel. It has a very good heat reflection effect. Steel reflects heat and the vacuum provides a thermal insulating effect. Perfect for keeping your food warm and safe to eat.

La Gourmet Tiffin with Silicone Strap

Takeout will be so much fun with this three-tier tiffin container. If you are constantly worried about saving the environment by having to opt for disposable containers, just bring this tiffin and it will save your day (and your money too). This latest La Gourmet product comes from La gourmet’s “Love Our Planet” campaign and was a choice in the Eco-friendly movement.

La Gourmet Compartment Lunch Box with Sassy Stainless Steel Fork & Spoon

Perfect for kids or even yourself, this product comes with a set of stainless steel forks and spoons to ease your meal consumption. Now you don't have to worry about dirty up your hands or asking for cutlery, this container set is the first to help you with your day. Like any other La Gourmet product, it is set with thermal insulating effect for your food to stay fresh and warm.

Now you are all set for your next lunchtime! Feel free to browse more of La Gourmet's products on our website to fit your likings.