When "crocodile" is mentioned, the first brand that would pop into your mind is Lacoste. Believe it or not, it only started producing shirts when the attire to play tennis was hindering the founder from winning. Today, the brand is known worldwide for its remarkable Polo shirts that are extremely versatile and comfortable for both men and women. Check out the vast product range of Lacoste Singapore and get the best shopping experience!

Why is Lacoste so expensive? | Where is Lacoste sold? | Is Lacoste a premium brand?


Lacoste Singapore, a brand designed for the tennis court

Rene Lacoste, a Frenchman was a superstar tennis player who found this attire was in his way of winning more games and he was in great need of a shirt that was more accommodating to movement. One day, when he saw his friend in a polo shirt, he got this great idea that changed the whole world.

It was in 1927 when Rene Lacoste made himself a batch of shirts that were more comfortable to wear when he was playing tennis. It gave him more freedom to move while remaining gracefully elegant. Lacoste’s shirt replaced the popular long sleeve shirt that was popular among men those days and since it had a collar, it looked equally as graceful on the tennis court as it did under tennis blazers and sweaters.

Today, the brand has become a huge empire that is made out of an expensive collection of sports and activewear for men, women, and children, fragrance, eyewear, footwear, watched, and sports-related products for tennis and gold, all displaying the famous crocodile.

Why the crocodile logo?

Rene Lacoste, the founder of the company, was nicknamed by the press as the “crocodile” after he made a bet with the captain for the French Davis Cup Team. The bet was in the form of a crocodile skin .suitcase that would be given to Lacoste if he won the match. (the bag was very important to the team) Since the public knew him as the crocodile, Lacoste then decided to have a crocodile embroidered on his blazer, which he wore to the court. That is how the crocodile was made part of Lacoste’s brand identity.

Why is Lacoste so expensive?

Because of quality. When you ask a lot of people, you can get more wear on an authentic Lacoste shirt than off-brands or dupes. Lacoste is expensive because of its top quality products that you can't get anywhere.

Where is Lacoste sold?

Lacoste has three branches in Singapore in Somerset, West Atria, and Vivo City. You can shop online for Lacoste products, complete the payment, and expect delivery within a couple of days. If you shop online, you may get discounts on some items.

Is Lacoste a premium brand?

Lacoste is what many people call a bridge-to-luxury brand. It's considered as a luxury brand albeit more affordable compared to those high-end true luxury brands such as Gucci or Balenciaga.

Best Lacoste Singapore Products

The brand is known for its iconic Polo shirt that was made popular on the tennis court. It features a sweat-absorbent and loose-knit design, Lacoste’s Polo shirt is designed in various styles, colours, and sizes to suit their wide range of followers. They also offer custom made and special edition polo shirts for those who like to be in the limelight.

Other than their clothing, the brand was also known for its footwear. Simple and unique, their wide range of shoes is suitable for every occasion. They offer the basics for work, walking, and an active lifestyle that is perfect for both professional and recreational tennis games and sophisticatedly elegant shoes that are perfect for a formal brunch or cocktail parties.

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