The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page. Encourage learning and overall development with the best of Ladybird books. Find out how you could choose Ladybird books in Singapore here.

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Choose Ladybird Books to Help Your Child Learn at Every Stage

Growing up in Singapore, you would have been exposed to reading materials at a very young age. Little do we know that much of these materials have been preserved for centuries. One of the biggest names in elementary reading is Ladybird books. Some of our favourite Ladybird books include the classic Peter & Jane series.

The concept of Ladybird as teaching materials is simple – teach a child to read from an early age and watch him/her grow in understanding and comprehension. As the child gets older, the reading material becomes more advanced. Ladybird books then become a nurturing factor in your child’s educational development. Let’s look at some levels of Ladybird books you can get and some favourites that we in Singapore simply love.

Handpick your child’s Ladybird series with this simple guide

Select from a range of Ladybird book series for your children. Enrich their word vocabulary with illustrations in colour. These colourful Ladybird books are designed and written to stimulate effective learning among children and teach about the world around us.

Categories according to age groups like:

  • 0+ (Toddlers) — with textures, sing along and buttons that play different sounds is sure to give young ones a fun experience!
  • 3+ years — also with textures and sounds, kids can also learn to categorize and matching with books that have stickers
  • 5+ years — filled with aspiring and brave heroes and heroines, boys and girls will be thrilled about the adventures of their favourite figure
  • 7+ years — learn more words by reading longer paragraphs, enjoy the plot the story unfolds and share stories with friends at school
  • 9+ years — learn more about the world around us, animals, plants, science, buildings and many more with encyclopedic books
  • 11+ years — read about history, legendary figures that made an impact in the society

Classic Ladybird characters like Peter and Jane, Peppa Pig and more have become the best reading buddies for millions of children across the globe. Ladybird books Read It Yourself series is the perfect tool for teaching, widely used in schools and at homes, this series is the brand’s bestselling book series.

Packed with giants, trolls and big bad wolves and other well-loved villains and heroes, varied writings for different age groups and reading levels, Ladybird books are the perfect tool for learning. These classic stories are also perfect for sharing.

Develop imagination with Ladybird books

Besides reading, Ladybird also published activity books that allow children to colour, make crafts and draw. Ladybird books are also now offered in audio and video format to make reading a more fun experience. Let your children’s imagination run free with Ladybird books and give them the freedom to choose which bedtime story they want to listen to.

Ladybird books are also not only for children; adults love them too. Researches carried out by education institutes find parents that spend time reading with their children form better bonding between parent and child. Children also have a stronger urge to learn and read when they are placed in school and learning institutions.

For over 70 years, Ladybird books have been part of children’s growth and trusted by many parents as a friendly source for guidance in bringing up their little kids. Here’s a summary on how parents can assist with your child’s development.

  • Birth – 18 months: develop and stimulate the senses of toddlers with noises, expression, and sounds (parents are encouraged to act and show clear expression when reading)
  • 18 months – 3 years: help children to explore and learn new things (parents and adults should be role models and preach what you practice)
  • 18 months to 4 years: compliment and encourage kids to do simple tasks like the characters in the storyline, so that your little ones can have practical lessons too!
  • 3-5 years: add humour and support kids to dream and imagine when they are playing make-believe
  • 3-6 years: playtime with friends and other kids can also start from books but a good outdoor playtime will also allow kids to learn more about their surroundings
  • 5-7 years: listen to your kid’s stories, hear them when they call you so that you can bond and built life-long understanding with them, engaging with the books they read to you also builds their self-confidence.

It is vital to allow your child space when it comes to reading. Growth is not limited to each level and your child’s overall progress should be measured on a whole. Guide your little one through each stage of life with Ladybird readings every day and watch as your child’s progress develops. Reading is a great channel for learning, so get a hold of Ladybird books for your children at iPrice today! Instil the habit of reading in them at a young age so that kids will realise the importance of it.