Pleasant scents can make a huge difference in our lives and the ambience of our home. Maison Berger Paris understands this, hence formulates a series of scents that satisfy our olfactory senses. Purify your indoor air with the beautiful lamps from Maison Berger today!

Does Lampe Berger really purify the air? | How long can you burn a Lampe Berger? | How long does Lampe Berger's wick last?

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About Maison Berger Paris

With 120 years of rich history and expertise, the name "Lampe Berger" is widely known by everyone. However, it no longer reflects the creative diversity of the brand's unique quality creations as well as its wide range of products. It has since rebranded as "Maison Berger Paris" to embrace its creations and inspiration where French passion for the arts and home fragrances reigns.

Does Lampe Berger really purify the air?

Unlike many scented products and aromatic diffusers out there, Maison Berger’s flagship range Lampe Berger is known for its ability to purify the air by destroying malodorous molecules, such as bacteria and micro-organisms. The patented technology purifies your air and removes odour while diffusing delicate scents into the air. Every Lampe Berger lamp is a designer's product given its avant-garde aesthetic.

Maison Berger Paris also offers a Parfum Berger range which comprises stick diffusers, reed diffusers and porcelain diffusers, all of which are crafted in the French town of Limoges. In addition to its home fragrance collection, Maison Berger Paris offers an array of car diffusers along with clip-on car diffuser cases to match your car interior with your favourite scent.

How long can you burn a Lampe Berger?

If you haven't burned a Lampe Berger in your home before or in a few days, you'll need to burn your Lampe Berger 1 hour for every 600sq. ft. of home the first time, and repeat every day after that for 30 minutes for up to 2000sq ft. of home and add 10 minutes for every 400sq ft. above that for larger homes.

How long does Lampe Berger's wick last?

Lamper Berger's wick can last at least 1 to 2 years on average. It's recommended that you replace the wick in your Lampe Berger once a year. This will keep the wick in working order. Keeping a good wick will make the Lampe Berger use less oil and do a better job of cleaning the air.

To test the wick condition, you can try these two ways. One way is to look at the rock part of the wick. If there are pit holes, the wick is worn out and needs a replacement. Another way to test the wick is to let the Lampe Berger burn until it runs out of oil and goes out, then let it cool down and rub your finger against the side. If you get ashy stuff on your finger, the rock is breaking down and needs to be replaced.

Can I use essential oils in Lampe Berger?

Yes, you can add essential oils in Lampe Berger. This is how you can formulate your own scent. Add around 10 drops of essential oil; if the essential oil is pure, three to four drops should suffice. Finally, mix in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. The general ratio is 10 drops of essential oil (4 drops if it's pure) per 250ml of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.