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Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar 2g #3 Orange Island Product Description Single touch completes professional gradation! New Concept Two Color Stick Type Eye shadow There’s definitely chemistry in this Two/ Tone/ Colors Two different colors meet and complete Two Tone Lip Bar! And Two Tone Shadow Bar completes professional gradation makeup with a single touch Single Touch completes Two Tone Blending NEW Two Tone Shadow Bar This spring, if you want to complete attractive eye makeup easily? New Two Tone Shadow Bar completes quick expression of various eye makeup look! Let’s complete attractive eye makeup easily and quickly with Two Tone Shadow Bar that has Artist’s color blending know-how for actress’ contour eye makeup NEW Two Tone Shadow Bar 1. Easy and Quick Two Tone Blending Perfect combination of point color that naturally tints the skin and shimmer lighting pearl base that illuminates skin! Two Tone Shadow Stick expresses even more attractive eye makeup with Two Tone Gradation . 2. Artistic color match covers from daily makeup to smoky makeup~ Artist’s color blending know-how for natural eye makeup. Optimal Two Tone color combination. 3. Quick Touch Gradation Exclusive oblique cutting complete’s artist’s natural auto gradation 4. Smoothly applied creamy texture Creamy texture without powder floating :including aloe-vera powder for sensitive eyes, it makes skin around the eyes moisturized and glowing ~ How to use STEP 1. Eye Gradation Direct point color to eye lashes. Apply as if pushing from outer corner of eyes to inner corner. STEP 2.Eye gradation Apply Two Tone Shadow Bar 2-3 times to inner corner and spread with finger to complete natural gradation. STEP 3. Under the eyes Apply base color till the 2/3 point from inner corner STEP 4. Natural shade Connecting 1/3 point from outer corner of under eyes and to the eye tail will make deep eye makeup Read more
[Features] [Laneige] Lip Sleeping Mask 20g The sleeping wrapping technology keeps the lips moisturized overnight by holding skin purification factors with the hyaluronic acid mineral network Fragrant lip care in various scents, from the representative berry scent of lip sleeping mask to sweet and sour grapefruit, refreshing apple lime, and soft, sweet vanilla fragrance Berry - Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex consisting of Raspberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Blueberry, and Goji Berry gently melts away dead skin cells from the lips overnight and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic. Grapefruit - The sweet and sour Grapefruit Citrus fragrance promotes a good night¢®s sleep, and the lip mask makes the lips feel smooth and elastic by melting out dead skin cells from the lips overnight. Apple Lime - The Fresh Citrus Green Apple Lime fragrance reminding one of fresh apples promotes a good night¢®s sleep, and the lip mask makes the lips feel smooth and elastic by melting out dead skin cells from the lips overnight. Vanilla - The Sweet Vanilla fragrance reminding one of warm, soft, sweet vanilla whipping cream provides a soothing feel, and the lip mask makes the lips feel smooth and elastic by melting out dead skin cells from the lips overnight. [Variation] #Berry, #Grapefruit, #Apple Lime, #Vanilla [Capacity] 20g [How to Use] Before going to bed at night, apply an adequate amount on the lips using the built-in spatula. ¢®¨ª Effects: Melts out stubborn dead skin cells from the lips overnight, provides abundant moisture to the lips. The next morning, gently wipe the lips clean with tissue or cotton pad. ¢®¨ª Effects: Makes the lips feel smooth and elastic. Read more
[Features] [Laneige] White Plus Renew Original Cream 50ml LANEIGE White Plus Renew Original Cream is a brightening moisture cream that instantly moisturizes and forms a radiance coating to protect and improve skin luminosity. Like all other products in the White Plus Renew Line it contains AmorePacific¡¯s Patented MelacrusherTM technology developed based on cell autophagy process. MelacrusherTM stimulates lysosomes within cells to digest and remove melanin and pigment causing waste impurities. It is also clinically proven to brighten skin by 1 tone in 2 weeks and 2 tones in 8 weeks. - Radiance coating: A brightening solution that hydrates the skin and enhances the radiance of the skin. - Protective brightening film: instantly forms a protective film or membrane like cover over the skin to shield it from external stress factors and pollutants. - A perfect day cream: A non-sticky and refreshing formula that smoothens and moisturizes the skin. - Free of the four major hazardous substances (animal ingredient, artificial pigment, mineral oil, parabens), designed for all-year-round brightening care. Functional Benefits - Instantly smoothening and moisturizes dry skin. Brightening cream that works like a moisture cream. - Instantly absorbed, non-sticky texture that glides on light and refreshing leaving behind a smooth silky finish. - 3 color control brightening balancing care. - Mild and safe formula for everyday use. [Capacity] 50ml [How to Use] Use daily in the morning and evening after skin refiner, emulsion and essence. Pick up about 1cm of the cream each time. Apply to the entire face (and neck) area, spreading from the center towards the contours. Wrap your palms around your face to aid in absorption. Read more

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