Who says only celebrities get to enjoy the luxury of being dolled up by one of the most well renowned makeup artists in the world? You can too, because Laura Mercier, one of the leading makeup artists in the world has opened her make up kit to the rest of the world! Doll up and click right here!


Bringing Out the Best Version of Yourself with Laura Mercier Cosmetic Collection

Looking for an oil free cosmetic that could help you achieve your beauty's full potential without having to look like you actually had one? Laura Mercier, a sought after makeup artist shares her makeup kit to all ladies around the world who wants to fashion that makeup free look make over! Laura Mercier's collection, is a brand used by many of famous celebrities’ makeup artists. Laura Mercier, a makeup collection that lasts, transforming women into a better version of themselves.

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Laura Mercier’s Humble Beginnings

Laura Mercier was born in Provence a historical province of south-eastern province of France. She started honing her expertise at an art school in Paris. She started painting canvasses before she shifted gears and developed the interest in dolling up faces instead.

Her first major stint was at the Carita Beauty School, after that, 1985 she made her way to New York and worked on establishing herself in the world of fashion. Laura Mercier made her way to huge advertising campaigns working hand in hand with prestigious editorials and photoshoots for Glossies (a lingerie collection brand), L’Oréal, Maybelline, Victoria's Secret, Gap, Banana Republic and a lot more clothing line brands. While affiliated with all those companies, she was also subsequently working with Elizabeth Arden, where she fully put to practice designing make up looks for different campaigns. She was able to build up her client base from there and eventually increasing her roster of celebrity clients, which included the queen of pop - Madonna.

It was in 1996 that Laura Mercier was able to launch her own brand of cosmetics, a brand that is driven to paint a flawless look on every user's face. Laura Mercier strived hard to make her cosmetic line become a benchmark, rather than be influenced by the dynamic and never ending evolution of the fashion scene. As per fellow well renowned makeup artist and cosmetic expert Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier cosmetics are products that augments the skin's natural colours.

Be Naturally Beautiful

The beauty of Laura Mercier cosmetics is as what Bobbi Brown has said: it enhances the natural skin colour. It makes the skin look naturally beautiful. It greatly compliments all types of skin complexion. Most of its product line, especially the foundations, are oil free. This is because Laura Mercier Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Amyway, a health oriented company that advocates healthy and wellness.

Its foundation products utilize a good amount of pigmentation that’s good enough to use alone, but at the same time it could complement greatly when layered. As what the brand is greatly known for, you'd always get a natural look as an end result. It will seamlessly mesh with the skin; whatever complexion or colour it may be.

Laura Mercier's cosmetic products are perfectly blended skincare that paints a healthy no makeup look. It also contains sodium hyaluronate to keep the skin hydrated and soften the layers to avoid fine cracks and dry lines. On top of that, it’s packed with SPF protection and Vitamin C & E.

Aside from that, its cosmetic products contain chemical components that not just enhances the skin, but also provides protection that not all brands have. Giving Laura Mercier a competitive edge:

  • Lecithin - a chemical component that enhances the makeup's bond to the skin, without the presence of oil. With that, it locks the natural moisture of the skin, preventing it from drying out all throughout the day.
  • Squalene - an organic compound that's also present in the, better known as sebum (body oil). This component provides additional moisture to the skin.
  • Kaolin - A soft white clay material that when combined with titanium oxide enhances the make up's UV protection.

Beauty & Wellness

Laura Mercier is more than a cosmetic brand. Primarily, the brand is well renowned for its top of the class foundation, concealers and brighteners. That's basically the product that made the brand what it is now. However, since Laura Mercier believes that real beauty should be more than skin deep. They've gone beyond the superficial and have launched a wide array of skincare, body, bath and perfumes. Aside from makeups, they also offer a wide variety of health & wellness products.

They offer a wide array of cosmetics to enhance every woman's Eye & Brows, Lips, Cheeks, and face. Also high quality tools necessary for application of these makeups, such as brushes, highlighters, applicators and organizers. As mentioned, they also have a collection of health and wellness products, which includes bath and body wash, fragrances, moisturizes, scrubs and cleansers. Catering more than just your day to day beauty and wellness ritual.

Laura Mercier Cosmetics Collection, for that natural beauty that lasts.

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