One of the most prominent brands worldwide in the technology industry, Lenovo Singapore has built a solid reputation for being leaders in innovation. Read more about the products offered by Lenovo Singapore below.


Which Lenovo Laptop Suits Your Lifestyle?

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine life without mobile devices. We will feel so out of place like something is amiss if we do not have our smartphones or laptops with us constantly. This is why many brands are competing to manufacture gadgets that suit our lifestyle and personality.

5 Reasons to Shop Online On Singapore

Lenovo makes some of the best-selling computers in the world. It is the number 1 PC seller in several countries globally. The ThinkPad Notebook has won several awards for its performance, durability and design and is used by several government and private entities such as NASA, the US Military and US Air Force. Known for being manufactured under strict military specs and its spill proof keyboard, this is one of the top-selling PC’s globally.

3 Lenovo Laptops for Cash-Strapped College Students

Lenovo has always been associated with producing reliable and high-performance laptops at affordable prices. If you don't have a Lenovo laptop, here are some great recommendations especially if you are a student.

Top Lenovo Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon S$ 1,999.00 Qoo10
Lenovo Legion Y530 S$ 1,056.60 Amazon
Lenovo Tab 7 Essential S$ 125.00 Qoo10
Lenovo Yoga Book S$ 492.45 Qoo10
Lenovo Ideapad 330 S$ 739.00 Amazon
Lenovo Miix 520 S$ 1,649.00 Qoo10
Lenovo Tab 7 S$ 229.00 Lenovo
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme S$ 2,200.00 Lenovo
Lenovo Ideapad S130 S$ 349.00 Qoo10
Lenovo Ideapad 320 S$ 688.00 Qoo10
Most Popular
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Cheapest at Qoo10 S$ 1,999.00 Go to Shop

Lenovo Laptops and Products for Personal and Business Computing

When technological devices are mentioned, one of the brands that immediately comes to mind is Lenovo. The Chinese computer technology brand has developed into a globally-renowned brand, building a name for itself for its innovations consisting of the latest technological trends. Lenovo is standing toe-to-toe with industry leaders in terms of unit sales volume. With an extensive product line that includes PCs, laptops, phones, motherboards, electronic storage devices and many more. Lenovo Singapore’s most noteworthy products include:

Lenovo’s business started to expand by leaps and bounds in 2005 after the company managed to acquire IBM’s personal computer business. After the acquisition, Lenovo has managed to double the shipments of THINK-branded computers. Moreover, Lenovo has also expanded the THINK series beyond laptop computers to include other digital devices such as ThinkPad Tablet 2, ThinkPad 8, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, and many more. The shift in focus came because of the increasing popularity of mobile devices.

ThinkPad Laptops

One of Lenovo laptops that have sold well amongst the brand’s Singaporean customers is the Lenovo ThinkPad Singapore series of laptops. They are business-oriented laptops that sport a trademark boxy black design that makes them easily recognisable and gives them a classy appearance. The ThinkPads once belonged to IBM’s line of personal computers before they were acquired and revolutionised by Lenovo Singapore. The Lenovo ThinkPad has also gotten a unique recognition for being the only Lenovo laptop that is approved for use on the International Space Station.

ThinkCentre Desktop Computers

Another product under Lenovo’s inventory of computing products is the ThinkCentre Desktop Computers. Like the ThinkPad, ThinkCentre desktop computers were also a product of IBM before Lenovo took over the product division. ThinkCentre computers usually contain various features that cater to their users’ different needs which include mid- to high-end processors, multi-monitor support, and discrete graphics cards.


Many might not know that besides producing laptops and desktops, Lenovo also produces high-tech workstations known as ThinkStations. In 2008, Lenovo successfully expanded the THINK brand to include workstations to cater to high-end computing needs. The ThinkStation S10 was the first model to be released.

ThinkVision Display

Another product that is under the Think category is the ThinkVision display monitors. As its name suggests, these display panels share the same designs as other THINK products. These display panels are quite popular amongst professionals, especially since the introduction of the ThinkVision Pro 2840m with a 4K display during the commencement of the 2014 International CES. At the same time, the company also launched a 28-inch 4K touch-enabled device that can function as an all-in-one PC or as an external display on other devices.

IdeaPad Laptops

The Lenovo IdeaPad Singapore line of laptops was a brainchild of Lenovo that was introduced to the world in early 2008. unlike the ThinkPad series of laptops that were inherited from IBM, the IdeaPads are a result of Lenovo’s own research and development efforts over the years in the technology industry. The IdeaPad has a more customer-centric build and feel compared to its ThinkPad counterpart. The IdeaPad series products are hybrid devices that can act as both a tablet and a Lenovo laptop.

IdeaCentre Desktop Computers

Lenovo’s IdeaCentre desktop computers are all-in-one machines that combine processor and monitor into a single device. Being deemed as “uniquely designed” by HotHardware, the IdeaCentre desktops share similar design aesthetics and features with the IdeaPad line although the series only consists of desktop computers.

Lenovo Smartphones

Lenovo expanded its business and started venturing into the smartphone industry in 2013, producing stylish and industry-leading phones. Despite being fairly new in the smartphone field, Lenovo has managed to create a large following for its affordable yet feature-filled smartphones.

With advanced features such as powerful multicore processors, stunning display quality, and unlimited access to latest apps, Lenovo phones are ideal gadgets for tech-savvy individuals. Lenovo offers various series of smartphones from its Vibe series, S series, P series, and A series.

Reasons Behind Lenovo’s Popularity

Since its inception, Lenovo has undergone an amazing journey to become the tech giants that they are known today. The company’s recipe for success can be broken down to three main factors:

  • Affordable Price – Lenovo is known for providing devices that are affordably-priced, yet able to deliver top-notch performance that is comparable to higher-end models.
  • Excellent Performance – Being the technology experts that they are, Lenovo Singapore’s products are able to deliver optimal performance to its users, exceeding expectations and making its products excellent value-for-money devices.
  • Utilisation of Quality Materials – When it comes to quality of products, Lenovo Singapore does not disappoint as the company uses the finest materials to ensure incomparable user experience and performance.