Looking for an ultra-modern, hip yet fashion forward bag that perfectly reflects your jovial, colourful personality? Look no further for LeSportsac has everything you need and more. LeSportsac is known for stepping out of the box with their designs. Get ready to be amazed with the greatest collections from Lesportsac.

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LeSportsac Singapore - A true American classic

When you mix fun, functionality and style together, you would get LeSportSac, an American lifestyle brand of casual nylon bags. Started back in 1974 by Melvin and Sandy Schifter, Lesportsac maintains their top position and presence around the globe, offering collections of handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories. The main inspiration behind LeSportsac was a military parachute duffle that transformed easy function into something luxurious. They took this idea of the durability of the military material and came out with a label that soon became an American Classic.

Featuring strips of every colour, hearts in all forms and sizes, dots in every dimension, Lesportsac takes design to a whole new level. With their one of a kind prints and great collaborations, LeSportsac is all you need to go.

LeSportsac Singpore - Game changing collaborations

LeSportsac X Peanuts
It has been 65 years since Charles M.Schulz’s first introduced the Peanuts characters to the world and to celebrate this great journey, LeSportsac has teamed up with Peanuts Worldwide to design a beautiful and witty collection of bags and pouches. This collection is mainly based on the well-loved Peanut’s comic strip that is embedded in every avid Peanut reader’s heart.
Don’t be disappointed when you don’t see Charlie Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Marcie and Linus et al in this collection for your favourite pooch, Snoopy and his best friend, Woodstock are the main stars in this collaboration. The collection will be available in two different batches, one in August 2015 and another in October 2015, when Peanuts The Movie is to show in the theatres. Share your love for the comic with designs that are clad in comic strips featuring Snoopy and Woodstock or go for something different with dotted prints of Snoopy and daisies.
Disney Cinderella for LeSportsac
Move over Queen Elsa and Princess Anna for Cinderella is back again to conquer your child’s heart and mind. To celebrate the release of Walt Disney Studios’ live-action film, Cinderella as well as the original 1950s animated classic that we all love, LeSportsac created an exclusive collection called the Disney Cinderella for LeSportsac Collection.
This collection is all about the fairy tale’s most iconic, romantic moments. The name of the print, Fairy Tale Moment is aptly named as it is inspired by Cinderella’s magical dress. It features silver glitter accents and trim woven with silver Lurex to copy the Fairy Godmother’s incredible magic. You can also find different patterns like the Glass Slipper, The Golden Carriage and the iconic staircase scene with the fair warning from the Fairy Godmother in thirteen of LeSportsac’s bestselling Classic styles. Now, you can create your own happily ever after with LeSportsac.
Seventeen X LeSportsac
Don’t we all love something sweet to sweeten up our dull and boring life? Get sugared up for LeSportsac has partnered up with Seventeen Magazine to create a sweet Spring treat that’s perfect for any day in the form of Macaroons prints. Having loved this confectionery collaboration so much, LeSportsac made this print their Print of the Month in February.
This delicious inspiration came to them when these beautifully arranged macaroons were spotted in a pastry shop window not far from the Seventeen’s NYC offices. This was when they decided that this decadent yet fun and colourful sweets just had to become a print. Now satisfy your sweet tooth with this rainbow coloured macaroons in LeSportsac’s most popular Classic Collection styles.
Beams X LeSportsac
For their Spring edition, LeSportSac introduced a new Artist Edition Collection by collaboration with a very hip Japanese youth culture shop and fashion label, BEAMS. Started back in 1976, in the extremely cool Harajuku district of Tokyo, BEAMS revolves around what’s new and exciting with expert craftsmanship in mind.
LeSportsac is extremely lucky to get the opportunity to see the world through the lens of the BEAMS’ eye, creating a bold Native American inspired called B-Native. Available in 13 different styles that was handpicked by BEAMS themselves, these bags and shapes are perfect for your everyday life.

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