When you think of a pair of high-quality denim jeans, the first thing that comes to mind must be this American brand. Established over 150 years ago, Levi’s truly symbolizes the American style through its blue jeans. Learn more about Levi Strauss and its extensive line of blue jeans in the article down below.


Everything You Need to Know About the Jeans from Levi’s Singapore

This founding father of denim jeans are a fashion staple that not only all Americans should own, but people from throughout the world. Without the innovations of Levi Strauss, this comfortable and highly versatile clothing item will not exist today. Catering for men and women, Levi’s jeans are the epitome of comfort and timeless chic.

Now, combining sustainability with the classic Levi Strauss innovations, Levi’s jeans are more than just comfortable and stylish; they’re also safe for the environment, leaving minimal footprint to help improve the ecosystem.

Meaning Behind the Numerology of Best-Selling Levi’s Jeans

Instead of calling their jeans the usual skinny, slim, or tapered jeans, Levi’s implements a number system. Most might know the original Levi’s 501 but there is actually a meaning behind the number, just like all the other Levi’s jeans collections available today. Below are just six of Levi’s many jeans collections along with the type of fit they offer and the design.

  • 501 – The original Levi’s 501 jeans series for men feature a classic, straight fit that sits below the waist, 16 to 17-inch leg opening, and a button fly.
  • 505 – This women’s jeans collection offers a regular, straight leg fit with a medium-high waist, 16 ½ inches leg opening, and a zip fly.
  • 512 – The 512 women’s jeans have a curvier, yet slimming fit and a classic rise. Available in boot cut fit, straight leg fit, skinny, and leggings.
  • 511 – Levi’s 511 jeans are slim fit jeans with tapered legs, targeted towards men. It sits below the waist, and has 14 ½ inches leg opening,
  • 513 – Also a slim fit jean, Levi’s 513 jeans offer a straighter leg fit than the 511. It has a mid-rise waist and 15 ¾ inches leg opening.
  • 515 – These mid-rise, regular fit jeans are available in a boot cut style, with a 9 7/8 inches front rise, 14 ½ inches back rise, and 18 ¾ inches leg opening.

Levi’s Jeans Fit Guide





The Skinny Fit

Offers a tight fit with a tapered leg opening. Skinny from hip to hem and can be low to high-waisted.

501 Skinny, 510 Skinny, 519 Extreme Skinny

701 Super Skinny, Mile High Super Skinny, 711 Skinny, 721 High Rise Skinny, 311 Shaping Skinny, 501 Skinny

The Slim Fit

Not as tight as the skinny and not as loose as the straight fit. It has a narrow opening, straight on the hip and slim through the ankles.

505 C Slim, 511 Slim, 513 Slim Straight

712 Slim, Wedgie Fit, 505 C, 505 C Cropped, 312 Shaping Slim

The Straight Fit

The straight cut has the same width around the ankle and the knee area. The very first men’s blue jeans released by Levi’s was a straight cut pair.

501 Original, 514 Straight, 505 Regular

714 Straight, 314 Shaping Straight

The Tapered Fit

Tapered jeans are simply the opposite of flare or boot cut fit. They have a wider waist and narrows towards the ankle.

512 Slim Taper, 502 Regular Taper, 512 Athletic Fit, 501 Customized & Tapered


The Flare

The flare has a wider hem than the normal boot cut jeans. It is very reminiscent of 70’s bell-bottomed trousers.


Kick Flare, Vintage Flare

The Boot cut

Boot cut jeans are meant to be worn with boots and the cut allows you to fit the jeans over the shoes. It has a wider and looser hem which makes it not so flattering on men.


715 Boot Cut, 315 Shaping Boot Cut, 517 Orange Tab Cropped Boot

The Boyfriend Fit

This type of jean fit was named to resemble a pair of jeans that women would borrow from their boyfriends. It has a relaxed and straight fit while being loose at the same time.


501 CT, 501 Original, Boyfriend

Other Levi’s Collections

Aside from the numbered collections, Levi’s has also separated their designs and have released many unique denim sets. For sports enthusiasts, Levi’s offers the NBA and MLB Apparels for basketball and baseball fans respectively. Skateboarders can also be comfortable in doing their tricks and flips with jeans from Levi’s Skateboarding collection. Commuters who prefer to ride a bike to and fro within a big city can move freely with Levi’s Commuter line.

Looking for something more classic? The Levi’s Made and Crafted collection embodies the laid-back lifestyle and sun-drenched setting of the California coastline while the Vintage collection features some of Levi’s earliest designs. Other than jeans, they also offer Levi’s shirts, Levi’s trousers, and Levi’s jackets, in denim and in other materials.

Do Levis alter jeans for free?

Although Levi’s stores in Singapore do not provide jeans alteration, the denim company has a jeans repair tutorial video to follow on their official website, so you can alter Levi’s jeans by yourself at home. Alternatively, you can also bring your jeans to your local tailor for any special customisation or repair.

What is Levi's 711?

Levi’s 711 range consists of stretchy skinny jeans that provide a perfect fit for women and men. The jeans are designed to flatter a person’s curves and go with any outfit available in your wardrobe. Available in a wide range of sizes including plus size, the 711 jeans are mid-rise, which sit just below the waist and fit the hips snugly. Given the stretchy material and high flexibility, rest assured that the 711s will keep you comfortable through the day without compromising stylishness. As jeans are offered in various colours these days, you can choose from light, medium and dark shades of indigo, to light and dark grays, black, white, and others.

What is the difference between Levi's 311 and 711?

The main difference between Levi’s 311 and 711 lies in the cutting of the jeans. 311s are straight-cut, which provides some space for more flexible movements; whereas the 711s are close-fitting skinny jeans that enhance your silhouette. However, the 311 Shaping Skinny jeans offer a skinny fit and tummy-slimming and curve-smoothing technology to accentuate your figure.

How much do Levi's products cost?

With product offerings from jeans and t-shirts to bags and shoes, the price of Levi’s products ranges from S$22.43 to S$4,641.93 in Singapore.