LG Electronics is known as a trusted brand that manufactures high-quality electronic and household products, along with top-notch brands like Samsung, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Bosch, and others. From front-load to top-load washing machines, browse our selection of LG washing machines and compare their price below!

What are the best LG washing machines? | What is the warranty period for LG washing machines?


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LG Electronics: A Guide to Buying LG Washing Machine in Singapore

What are the best LG washing machines?

Best for Large Families - LG WM9000HVA Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front-Load Washer

For large families of 5 or more or for those who often clean their bedsheets and comforters, this large washer can accommodate large piles of dirty clothes all at once, which saves a lot of time and hassle to run multiple loads on a laundry day. Given its large dimension of 29 inches in width and 34 inches in depth, it can fit a king-size comforter along with a full set of bed linen in a single load.

What’s more, this smart washer comes with 14 wash cycles and 5 temperature settings for you to choose from based on your preference. For busy bees who are always occupied, you can control the operation of this laundry machine without needing to walk those steps. Its Smart Home technology allows you to simply sync it with your LG app to monitor its washing progress and adjust cycles, soil levels, and water temperature.

Best Top-Load Washing Machine - LG WT7800CW

Although most top-load washing machines don’t clean as thoroughly as front-load ones, this LG WT7800CW does a pretty good job of making sure your clothes are void of stains and dirt. This is thanks to LG’s TurboWash setting which combines the rinse and spin cycles while using dual nozzles to spray a concentrated detergent liquid onto your laundry directly, shortening the cycle time in an efficient way.

Another useful cycle you can use is the “ColdWash” feature that prompts the washer’s tub and motor to rotate independently and in opposite directions to create a strong water flow, enabling your fabrics to rub against each other, akin to how we usually rub our clothes to get rid of stains or stubborn spots quickly.

Most Affordable Top-Load Washing Machine - LG WT7300CW

One of the most affordable top-load washers in the market right now is the LG WT7300CW which sports a sleek-looking glass lid that allows you to observe your cycle without having to open the lid and interrupt the cycle. It comes with 14 cycles for delicates, bedding, deep-fill washes, and many more, as well as an adjustable temperature setting for different types of fabric. Another cool feature it has is the TurboWash 3D technology which produces a powerful water flow that runs your clothing items against each other to remove stains in a more effective way while ensuring gentleness on your delicate fabrics. A bonus of this white top-load washing machine is that it can be connected to Wi-Fi, so you can check the status of your wash cycles on your phone’s mobile app.

Best Value-for-Money Washer - LG WM3500CW

The LG WM3500CW is one of the best washing machines that boasts plenty of features as seen in other pricier models but offered at a much more reasonable price. It has 10 wash cycles and 11 wash options including Cold Wash that can be utilised for almost any type of laundry. Other extra features include Wi-Fi connectivity, 6Motion technology that boosts washing performance, and a direct-drive TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System.

Additionally, you can pair this machine with its dryer companion LG DLG3501W that offers 10 dry cycles including the Speed Dry option that speeds up the time taken for drying your clothing items. This good-quality dryer comes with a sensor dry that measures moisture and adjusts dry time accordingly. Its Wrinkle Care feature is also useful for keeping your garments wrinkle-free.

What is the warranty period for LG washing machines?

Based on LG’s official site, LG washing machines for normal household use are covered by a 2-year warranty, while those for commercial use are given 1 year of warranty. However, the inverter direct drive motor or smart inverter motor of LG washing machines is eligible for repair service within 10 years.

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