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The keys to living a healthy life are regular exercise, smart lifestyle choices and a sensible diet, but getting the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients—at the optimal levels is not an easy task. Life Extension has been helping people stay healthy and live better for more than 35 years. Learn more about the brand here.

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Life Extension Buffered Vitamin C Powder 16 oz (454 g)
S$ 27.90

Foundation for Longer Life Vitamin C for Sensitive Stomachs Dietary Supplement Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a white, crystalline, water-soluble substance found in citrus fruits. As an antioxidant, vitamin C scavenges free radicals in the body and protects tissues from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron, while preventing its oxidation. Vitamin C is a vital cofactor to the formation of collagen, the connective tissue that supports arterial walls, skin, bones, and teeth. A major immune-supporting activity of vitamin C is boosting glutathione levels in human lymphocytes, cells that make up about 25% of all white cells in the blood. More vitamin C is contained in the adrenal glands than any other organ in the body and is required at higher levels during times of stress. Physical stresses on the body such as ingestion of heavy metals, cigarette smoking, immune impairment, extreme temperatures, and chronic use of certain medications such as aspirin also signal the need for increased intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C Powder contains four buffering minerals, in addition to ascorbic acid. When mixed with water, this product produces a reduced-acid solution that is non-irritating to the stomach and intestinal lining. The minerals also make it a more pleasant-tasting and healthful drink. The substances used in this product make it effervesce for a short while when it is mixed with water.

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Life Extension Cosmesis Skin Care Advanced Under Eye Serum With Stem Cells 1/3 oz (10 ml)
S$ 48.90

Dermatologist Formulated The area of soft skin around your eyes is highly susceptible to the visible impact of aging (from wrinkles and crows feet to fine lines and bags), simply because it’s thinner and more delicate than skin on other parts of your face … with less subcutaneous fat to maintain suppleness. Additionally, the underlying muscles in this region tense each time you change facial expressions, gradually eroding the skin’s vulnerable collagen matrix. So Advanced Under Eye Serum with Stem Cells is formulated with ingredients that help combat these unhappy effects of aging. Plant stem cells work like stem cells do in humans … possessing the regenerative ability to develop into any other type of cell. Advanced Under Eye Serum contains stem cells drawn from a species of Swiss apple clinically shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 15% after just one month. This formula also includes moisturizing extracts of rice bran and soy to help keep skin soft and smooth. A recent study of a soy-based compound revealed decreased skin roughness and increased skin clarity in 65 aging women after just 12 weeks. And, since few fruits beat pomegranate and blueberries (rich in polyphenols) for antioxidant potency … this formula employs them to help support the soft skin around the eyes … and protect it from the many external insults that lead to that wrinkled, papery look too often seen in maturing individuals.

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Life Extension Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum 1 oz
S$ 67.60

Dermatologist Formulated Not Tested On Animals Aging skin loses structural collagen and water-binding hyaluronic acid, while environmental factors weaken the skin's protective outer barrier. The results of these changes are wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and a dull, dry appearance. The new Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum helps inhibit these processes—supporting the skin's collagen structural support and maintaining its youthful hydration, which in turn firms, lifts, and contours dermal appearance. Regenerative Effects of Snow Algae The key to Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum's restor­ative power is its high concentration of snow algae, which comprises of resilient organisms that have been lab-cultivat­ed and formulated into a serum format (instead of a cream) for maximum absorption. Snow algae help activate cellular AMPK and a key longevity gene. In skin cells, the result is increased collagen production. Researchers recently observed that snow algae boosted skin hydration in 100% of studied individuals—after just 14 days of application. Supporting Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid Supporting these regenerative effects are peptides that stimulate the synthesis of collagen at the point where the dermis meets the epidermis above it. A clinical trial found that these peptides increased skin smoothness by 12.2%, and firmness by 10.8%, after two months of application. One peptide, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, further supports collagen production by activating “latent tissue growth factor beta.” A study showed that it reduced the appearance of deep wrinkles by 28%—within minutes of application. Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum also contains hyaluronic acid to directly replenish falling hyaluronic acid levels—shown to restore the skin’s ability to hold moisture and retain its softness and youthfulness. Due to its high-absorption serum format, applying just 2-3 drops of Collagen Boosting Peptide Serum, morning and night, to targeted areas of the face produces noticeable rejuvenation effects within weeks of first use.

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Life Extension Cosmesis Skin Care Stem Cell Cream With Alphine Rose 1 oz
S$ 78.10

Dermatologist Formulated Harsh environmental stressors such as wind and dryness can cause healthy skin to prematurely age, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs indicating a loss of youth. The ravages of weather, dehydration, and toxins in the air also weaken the skin’s ability to act as a barrier against the outside world. Scientists have long sought a solution to strengthen skin from such onslaughts. The answer may be in the Alpine rose, a highly resistant flower that thrives high in the Swiss Alps and Pyrenees … where it endures high altitudes, freezing temperatures and dry air. These stressors would quickly destroy the plant if it weren’t for its “resistance-charged” stem cells, which are scientifically classed as totipotent — able to continuously regenerate cells throughout life, allowing these plants to live up to 100 years! Stem cells extracted from the Alpine rose were shown to have the same protective effect on human skin as they did with the plant’s own flowers! Epidermal skin cells are responsible for skin cell replenishment. As we age, epidermal cells take 50% longer to be replaced. One scientific study showed that epidermal stem cells’ ability to form colonies (a key measure of their vitality) increased as much as 75% when penetrated with a 0.15% Alpine rose stem cell extract, indicating their potential for renewal. Skin penetrated with an extract of Alpine rose stem cells is better able to fend off environmental stress and stay more vibrant.

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Live longer with Life Extension available at iprice Singapore

Life Extension utilises a strong scientific approach to improve nutrition, the company also believes that good health is a balance of nutritional supplements and the healthiest diets. The problem is, how do you choose the very best nutritional supplements? Do you even know what’s in them? How do you know that the supplements that you are consuming have been thoroughly researched with clinically validated dosages?

There is an influx of supplement brands out there, some claim to be good with high vitamin dosages, some on the other hand only offer a handful of multivitamins that say they cover all daily nutrients. So, how can you be absolutely certain you’re making the right choice?

Life Extension has been making quality supplement products since 1980 with the highest quality raw material sources. You can be assured that you are getting the best supplements money can buy, just like with the foods you eat, the quality, purity, and potency of the ingredients that go into your nutritional supplements really do matter.

Get to know Life Extension, understand your supplements

Life Extension makes over 350 vitamins and nutritional supplements that set the gold standard for supporting weight loss, heart, brain, bone, joint, eye, skin, sexual health, and so much more. These formulas are based on the latest scientific research; Life Extension ensures that its supplements offer those same ingredients at the same clinically validated dosages.

Life Extension is always at the forefront of pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing as it has its own team of scientists and researchers. Among the breaking ground discoveries that its R&D team has achieved include the discovery in 1996 that it is crucial to monitor blood levels for fibrinogen, for people with heart, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Numerous studies that followed have confirmed high levels of fibrinogen as a risk factor — just like high cholesterol levels.

Besides that, Life Extension also formulated a series of supplements containing the polyphenol gastrodin to support both cognitive function, circulatory function and promoted normal defensive and regenerative mechanisms in the brain. This polyphenol gastrodin compound acts as a broad-spectrum “brain shield” that protects brain cells from oxidant, inflammatory and excitatory damage.

Why choose Life Extension over other supplement brand

For those who took multi-vitamin supplements for at least 10 years, the reduction in bladder cancer was 61% compared to people who took no vitamin supplements, studies have shown that supplements do help. Finding the right one is essential.

Here’s why you should choose Life Extension:

Purity: only the best raw materials are used, only with the world’s most reputable suppliers and all raw materials are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity.
Quality: smart health choices begins with demanding excellence, never accept anything less than the absolute best when it concerns your health. Life Extension’s quality control standards actually exceed FDA mandates and has earned GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) registration from NSF International
Potency: cheaper is not better, because products will be less-than-optimal doses to minimise costs, there’s a reason why ginseng is always more expensive as it is a premium-quality ingredient. Life Extension never choose ingredients based on cost — which means you always get the most nutritional potency for your dollar.
Unique formulations: innovative formulas are based on the latest research and also because of a passionate belief in a clinically validated, scientific approach towards better nutrition. The bedrock of Life Extension for over 35 years, makes it possible to develop unique formulations that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

Best-selling Life Extension products

Two-Per-Day Tablets — Life Extension's Two-Per-Day Formula contains nicotinamide riboside. Naturally found in milk, nicotinamide riboside has been shown in studies to support mitochondrial health and promote pathways of longevity.
Life Extension Mix — a multivitamins packed supplement with a remarkably broad array of fruit and vegetable extracts. Packed into this blend are extracts of fruits ranging from grape and maqui to bilberry and tart cherry. All with known health benefits throughout the body.

Food supplements has a varied kinds, choose one that suits your daily diet and preference, all available at iprice Singapore!