As a form of lighting and a fabulous piece of art, you can trust chandeliers to add spice to any room it is installed. Check out the hottest chandeliers in Singapore or read more about the many types of chandeliers for your home.

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Different Types of Chandelier for a Fabulous Home

An icon of lifestyle, chandeliers are decorated light fixtures that hang from the ceiling and is decorated with glass and crystals. During medieval times, chandeliers were a representation of wealth and power of noblemen and women. Its grandiose appeal has since then been embedded into our psyche. While everybody can own a chandelier today, it still remains as a magnificent part of any household. There are several types of a chandelier that would suit your home and your lifestyle; check out some of them below.


These are the type of chandeliers that you always see in classic movies or in period dramas, traditional chandeliers have beautiful decorations such as a filigree and scrolling. These type of chandeliers add formality to any room.


If you see a chandelier having multi-layers, then this is a tiered chandelier. It looks similar to a traditional or rustic chandelier but has more layers usually having two or three levels.


Perhaps one of the most grandiose on the list, crystal chandeliers - especially those made from real crystals, can be pricey. It provides a magnificent look to any space and reflected light from the crystals give it a dazzling appeal. A large ballroom or big twisted staircase would make this type of chandelier the center of attention.


While candles have long been outdated as a form of lighting in a home for safety reasons, it still remains as an iconic style for a chandelier. Candle chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but what they have in common is a tube-like ornament that resembles a candle. To commit to this design, some chandelier makers even incorporate a flickering effect to the lights to give it a more authentic shine.


For rest houses, cabins, and vacation homes, the rustic chandelier adds a touch of earthy warmth to any room. Rustic chandeliers are often made out of animal horns, branches, and plants, which can have an asymmetric approach to the design.


If you want a chandelier that's as warm as a traditional chandelier with a contemporary design, a transitional chandelier would be a great addition to any room. This type of chandeliers often have designs - especially the base, like a traditional chandelier but with ornates.


If you have been to a hipster cafe, chances are, you have seen one of these chandeliers in action. Modern chandeliers have styles that are unlike any of the other types mentioned.Its futuristic design makes it a great addition to modern homes today.


Grandiose chandeliers can be a dazzling part of every home but not everyone can afford such a big chandelier. Thankfully, a mini chandelier is created to mimic such a fabulous light fixture. Mini chandeliers are smaller versions of larger pieces which make this an ideal for small apartments and rooms.

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