LED lights are some of the most practical, yet fun types of lighting. In Singapore, LED lights can be used for a variety of functions. Here are 4 unique ideas for LED lighting.

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4 Unique Uses for LED lights

You light up my world! This phrase is what you imagine when you think of LED lighting. One of the brightest yet economical forms of lighting, LED lighting is perfect for everyday use as well as for all your DIY projects. If you are new to the vast world of LED lighting, there are a few types of LED lights you need to know about. There are industrial-grade LED bulbs, fairy light LED lighting, LED light strips, and LED flashlights. As for uses, there are hundreds of uses for each type of light. Here are four unique uses for your LED lighting.

Decorate your Christmas tree

In Singapore, we celebrate a variety of festivals. As each festival beckons, we find ourselves lighting up our surroundings. For Christmas, you can light up your Christmas tree with LED fairy lights. LED fairy lights are more efficient, shine brighter, and ultimately cost less than the traditional filament bulb fairy lights. What’s better, LED fairy lights to come in a copper string or wired coils that make them easier to attach to the tree. One thing to remember is to choose LED fairy lights that use a power source from the plug point instead of battery-operated.

Make fairy light jars for wedding décor

Weddings are awesome! Wedding decorations bring love and life to every guest who attends. The latest addition to wedding decorations are the LED fairy light jars. Simple and easy to make, LED fairy light jars to require only two things: LED fairy lights and a jar. Take a string of battery-operated LED fairy lights and string them out inside a clear jar. Be sure to evenly distribute them around the jar and provide enough space in between each bulb. Make a few jars and place them strategically around the wedding venue. Pro tip: these jars are perfect for outdoor evening weddings.

Light up shelf frame

Thinking of a home makeover? Grab your LED lighting. This time, use LED light strips. These bad boys are small and versatile enough to be used on any DIY project. Go ahead and use them on your shelves. If you are making a shelf from scratch, be sure to insert the LED strips inside your shelf cavity but hide it as much as possible. Connect it to a power source and you’re good to go! You can even use these lights on ready-made shelves. You may have to dismantle the shelf before installing your LED lighting so get your tools handy.

Ambient lighting for your car

LED lights are so fun to install, you might even use them for your car’s interior upgrade. Give a touch of classy elegance to your car’s interior by installing LED ambient lighting. Some strategic areas to install the LED strips would be under the dashboard, on the side of your car doors, inside cup holders, and even in the car boot. You may have to install a sensor so the lights turn on automatically when you open your doors. This will further add a luxurious feel to the car’s setup.