Outdoor lanterns in Singapore are essential fixtures that not only provide lighting but also aesthetic appeal for your home. If you have difficulties installing one, here are tips to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest outdoor lanterns below.


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Tips on How to Install Outdoor Lanterns in Singapore

Outdoor lanterns in Singapore are easy, cost-effective way to add beauty, safety, and security to your home. Understanding how to install outdoor lanterns not only saves you time but also improves the aesthetics around your home. Here are tips for installing outdoor lanterns for your home.

To Hang a Pendant Lantern for Front Porch

To size and place outdoor pendant lanterns, first, you need to determine the height of your front porch. The bottom of the lantern should be six inches above the top of your front door. A rule of thumb for determining the size is to divide the height of your front door by five. This makes the lantern in proportion with the front entryway without consuming the space. Pendant lanterns are most commonly hung using chain, wire, cable, or stem connections. Typically chain connections can be fully customized. The length of wire, cable, and stem hanging methods should be considered while deciding on the perfect outdoor pendant lantern.

To Place Wall Lanterns for Front Doors & Garages

To determine the best wall lantern size for your front doors and garages, multiply the height of the door in inches by one-fourth for a standard look or if you prefer a large design style, multiply your door measurement by one-third. The installation height of your new outdoor wall lantern should be 66 inches from the center of the fixture straight down to the floor. This same installation height can be shared on each side of your front doorway. Many brands are integrating protective coatings for outdoor lanterns like Vococal.

To Install Lighting Above Front Entrances or Garage Doors

If you have double doors for your front entrances or garage doors, be sure to multiply the frame width by one-third to receive the ideal fixture length. To find the best lantern length with single doors, multiply the door frame width by one-fourth. The depth, or installation height, needs to leave at least 6 inches of clearance above the top of the door frame to provide the best visibility on your front patio and provide an entertaining entryway for your guests.

To Measure Lantern Size for Driveways

First, make sure the pole you will be mounting on is secured at least 1.5 to two feet below the surface of your grass. The pole height should be at least 8 feet, allowing between 5.5 and 6.5 feet of exposed post. The last size to determine is for the lantern. The pier mount lantern should be about a quarter of the pole height. With this in mind, many of the popular post-mount fixtures are between 18 and 24 inches tall. It is recommended to have an electrician prepare the area for the hard-wiring installation that you can do yourself. Post-mount solar lanterns are a great way to remove extensive wiring from an easy DIY project.