Despite the fact that flashlights are great for almost any activity in the dark, there are times you may need to use specialized outdoor torches to enjoy the activity to the max. Read here on the best choices of torches and flashlights in the market today.

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A Simple Guide to Choose Torch Lights that Suit Your Outdoor Activities

As one of the most common tools in the market, it is easy to dismiss the torch light (flashlight), overlooking its usefulness. This means we may not pay close attention even when it comes to choosing and buying a flash light. It’s no surprise then that this leads to poor torch choices that do not serve their purpose. The disappointment that follows from poor choices of flashlights is beyond words.

Needless to say, you will need a well-designed torch when ready for your outdoor adventure. This is why you need to know the basics before buying your outdoor torch. Every penny you spend on your torch will be worth it once you have bought the suitable one. Here is a simple guide to help you decide on the best torch design for your outdoor activities.

Power & Performance of Torches

Obviously, one thing that will surely affect your choice is about the power and performance of the torches. In a simpler term, it is important that you should pick a good torch so that you will not be disappointed especially when you are going for your outdoor activities. After all, why bother with poor-quality torches if they do not serve well in your outdoor activities? Not just that, what is the point of using a cheaper design that can get spoiled easily?

There are several factors that you should take into account when it comes to deciding the power and performance of the torches. First, you need to check out the light output of the torch. Generally, it is measured in lumens and it is all about the intensity of the light that comes out of the torch. If you want a proper comparison, the light output can be anywhere between 20 lumens (ideal for reading books) and 3500 lumens (perfect for lighting up the terrain). While the simple flashlights are amazing for almost any activities, you still require specialized outdoor torches for specialized outdoor activities.

Beam Type

However, it is important to know that even measuring by lumens is not a clear indicator of brightness. This is because everything from distance and beam type can affect the overall performance of the torch. Regarding the beam type, it depends on the lens reflector that surrounds a bulb. This is because it will influence how the light is dispersed. Basically, there are three types which are flood (fixed), spot light (focused) and adjustable.

Impact Resistance

Essentially, impact resistance relates to how a torch can remain functional despite occasional or accidental drops. However, it is not a test of resistance which you measure its resistance when the torch is being run over, being used to strike other objects or being struck with a heavy object. When it comes to getting your torch, it is important to check for its impact resistance so that you can rely on your torch even though it falls down during your outdoor activity.

Water Resistance

Water resistance of your torch is incredibly important especially when you are bringing it for outdoor activities where there is a high chance that you will encounter rain or bodies of water. Based on the IPX system, the torch usually utilizes three different ratings to indicate its level of water resistance.