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What You Need to Know About Specialty Lights

What are Specialty Lights?

Specialty lights differ from the basic lamps and lightbulbs. Normally, these lights would come in fun shapes and variations. People often use specialty lighting for holidays and special occasions. However, specialty lights can sometimes be used to decorate their bedrooms, living room, and even backyard. Some specialty lights have a specific purpose and are not meant to light a whole room like night lights and book lights.

Types of Specialty Lights

There are three main types of specialty lights that you can use in your home or office. The most common specialty lights are fairy lights, night lights, and book lights or reading lights. Fairy lights have many functions and purposes while book lights and night lights can only be used for reading and during the night respectively.

Fairy Lights

It seems like fairy lights are all the rage among millennials and avid interior decorators. This is because fairy lights provide adequate lighting yet the light that it exudes is pleasing on the eyes. Not many people like the blinding white light from giant LED bulbs so fairy lights are a great alternative. While a lot of fairy lights come in various colors, the traditional fairy light emits an orange and brownish light. You can hang these lights above your bed and create a makeshift canopy, surround the lights around your mirror, or put it in a mason jar for a creative and unique bedside lamp.

Book Lights

Although book or reading lights won’t give you sufficient lighting for a whole room, it’s enough to shine light on your novels or books so you can safely read it at night. There are many types of book lights that you can get like the clip-on book light, the over-the-ear book light, and neck, hands-free light. There are several factors that you need to consider before buying a book light as different people have different eye conditions and preferences. In a nutshell, you have to pay attention to the light quality, light output, durability, battery use, and the privacy aspect before getting a book light.

Night Lights

These type of specialty lights are great for children who are afraid of the dark. Night lights are usually produced to mimic cartoon and kid-friendly characters. They would also emit various colors like blue, red, purple, green, and pink. To use a night light, you only have to plug it in into an electric socket and turn the switch on. Most night lights are powered batteries so they’re easy to maintain and can last for a long time. Some adults with phobias and certain mental disorders would even use these lights when they go to bed.

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