Liqui Moly Singapore specializes in manufacturing motorcycle and car accessories including lubricants, additives, and much more. If you want to maintain your motorcycle in mint condition, here are some points to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest Liqui Moly products below.

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Tips for Maintaining your Motorcycle in Tip-top Condition with Liqui Moly

Keeping your motorcycle looking brand new and healthy is more than just cleaning its exterior. It requires adjusting, lubricating of the chain, checking of the internal components, and much more. If you want to maintain your motorbike for the best performance, here is a guide to get you started.

Always check your bike’s tires

It is essential to always check your bike tires in order to determine its current condition and air pressure. The tires’ air pressures should be maintained at the levels recommended by your motorbike manufacturer. In order to determine your tires’ pressure, use a pressure gauge that shows you the gas pressure of the bike in a display. Also, don’t forget to check for scrapes and cuts that can lead to bad things like a tire blowout. Do the checking of your tires and their threads at least once a week.

Check the Level of Engine Oil

Engine oil contributes to the motorcycle’s smooth operation and maintenance. That’s why it’s important to always maintain your bike’s oil level at the correct gauge. Also, look for any possible leakages as well as traces of carbon deposits. This is because these can create a strain the movement of your engine’s components. Running your motorcycle on thick, dirty oil not only reduces the life of your engine but also increases fuel consumption.

Clean Air Filter

If you are using your motorcycle in a dusty environment, it could clog up its filter in no time. So, it’s important to keep its air filter clean. Make sure you change it at recommended intervals as well as do the cleaning regularly if you are using it in a dusty place.

Adjust clutch

Clutch is a component in motorcycles that are often used and allows you to change the gears while riding. This should be adjusted properly and should not be too tight. Do keep in mind that a super tight clutch could lead to a slip that you might not notice and lead to an increase in the consumption of fuel. That is why it’s important that you make the right clutch adjustments.


The engine is one of the key components of your motorcycle which needs to be kept in mint condition. Tuning it regularly will keep it running smoothly, in turn, reducing your gasoline expenses. If you want to save the trouble of maintaining it frequently, you can clean out your motorcycle’s carburetor float chamber every 1500 kilometers. Also, do not skip the other parts like the spark plug. It should be clean while its gap is tuned properly.

Transmission System

Make sure your chain is cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated regularly. When cleaning, avoid using water as it could rust its links. Instead, use a chain cleaner to get rid of the deep-seated grime. Apply this on your chain with a piece of cloth and a soft brush to remove the dirt. Liqui Moly Singapore has chain cleaners that can get rid of deep-seated grime. Also, when lubricating the links and the chain, you can use Liqui Moly motorcycle accessories like motor oil.

In terms of adjusting the chain, make sure it’s not too tight and has at least 2 mm of free play. To do this, just move the chain up and down in a linear direction with the use of your fingers. The reason why it’s important to provide a free play of the rear wheel is that it helps it run smoothly when the motorcycle is in motion. Likewise, if your motorcycle’s chain is loose, the power output from the motor to the wheel would not be efficient. This results in loss of motor power due to chain slippage. If that happens, it’s best to have your bike checked by a mechanic and have its chain adjusted to recommended specifications.

Cleaning the exterior

Your bike’s surface has to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep its surface in tip-top condition. Before you begin cleaning your motorbike, make sure you turn off the ignition switch unit, while the silencer and the H.T Coil are wrapped with plastic sheets. Another thing, you need to place your bike away from direct sunlight. It’s best to park it near a shade. This is because getting it frequently exposed to sunlight can deteriorate its appearance. To keep its exterior looking brand new, you can use a Liqui Moly fiber cloth which is pretty affordable.

Maintain Battery

Your motorcycle’s battery needs periodic maintenance to make sure its long-term life. If needed, fill the battery with distilled water. Then, check for any leakage from the battery. Also, if the motorbike is not used for long periods, make sure that the battery should be kept fully charged.