Little Tikes has been around for over 30 years producing one of the best in young children and infant toys. Their iconic Cozy Coupe and Turtle Sandbox has been a favourite of many.


Little Tikes Singapore, for your own little tykes

What is Little Tikes?

The Little Tikes Company is a manufacturer of children's toys that is based in America. The headquarters and manufacturing plant of the company is situated in Hudson, Ohio; Little Tikes also has other manufacturing plants and distribution centers located in Asia and Europe to help with their expanding market reach.

The toys that Little Tikes manufacture are generally very simple molded plastic toys with very little to no tech involved. The toys are also geared towards infants and very young children for both indoor and outdoor uses such as their sandboxes.

Little Tikes was first founded by Thomas G. Murdough Jr. in the November of 1969 in Ohio, and by 1971, Little Tikes had managed to launch their first ever catalogue of products all across the United States in printed color. The Little Tikes Company timeline is as follows:

  • 1977: The multi-functional Efficiency Kitchen set that comes complete with a microwave oven, gas range, refrigerator, and sink is introduced to the market. This ground-breaking set allowed the little children to achieve a higher level of imaginative play.
  • 1979: The iconic Turtle Sandbox that everyone loves is released. The Turtle Sandbox broke the retrospective design of sandboxes that were made out of wood and could only be placed outside of the home; this sandbox could be placed anywhere.
  • 1979: Again in the same year, the Cozy Coupe Car was released. Its designed was done by JIm Mariol, a former Chrysler designer. This was another iconic product by Little Tikes that would allow the little children around the world to finally experience a fun ride by themselves! This toy car would later be named the best-selling car in America in 1991.
  • 1984: Rubbermaid acquired Little Tikes to expand their market growth and market reach. Rubbermaid would also put more capital into the company to expand the company's catalogue even further. The acquisition would also bring about a permanent change to all Little Tikes toys: Their toll free number would all be molded into their toys permanently until today.
  • 2010: Little Tikes celebrated its 40th anniversary with founder Tom Murdough and Isaac Larian.

Why let our children play with Little Tikes Singapore's toys?

Contrary to believe that children should not be playing so much for it apparently does not let them learn anything and all that - halt right there! Letting our little children to engage in play at a young age actually teaches them a lot more than you think - with the right toys of course! Engaging in play with Little Tikes' toys when the children are at a young age enables them to train their motor skills as well as social skills. Most especially when they play with other children as well, that can build their social skills to make sure that they know how to communicate with other people. Children develop skills like:

  • Thinking and problem solving: By learning to interact with the toys from Little Tikes, children would come to learn themselves as to where and what to do with certain items such as the doors of the kitchen play set from Little Tikes or to understand how the Cozy Car would work.
  • Language and communication: Some toys interact with the children and they can interact back, thereby learning communication skills - not only that however, when they play with other children they will surely learn how to behave and communicate with others naturally.
  • Social and Emotional: Children are bound to learn to interact with other people or be disappointed or get slightly hurt when they are playing, or even have conflicts with other children. All these are part of the learning process in which they will slowly develop the emotional and social capacity to deal with these things.
  • Motor and Coordination: As mentioned, the ability to interact with the toys such as the Cozy Car and the Turtle Sandbox are ways for little children to interact physically and to learn to use their arms and legs.
  • Creativity and imagination: Imagination is one our best traits. Our imagination is endless, infinite, limitless - only limited by the maximum of whatever you can think of. The toys that the children play with by Little Tikes do nothing more than to augment and further enhance the imagination of our children.

Little Tikes Singapore's Cozy Coupe

What is probably the most iconic product (next to the Turtle Sandbox) by Little Tikes. This iconic car toy for children has been around for over 30 years! A favourite by many children world wide and made in the USA. This award winning toy car is powered by nothing other than the strength of your little tyke's feet. Its got a really friendly face up front that your little children will find very welcoming. There are many features that make the car a very suitable toy for children.

  • Removable floor board so your child can run the car or just keep their feet safe and tucked inside the cabin.
  • Rear handle for parents to push the ride when the child isn't using their feet.
  • High-seat back and cup holders!
  • Moving and clicking ignition switch.
  • Opening and closing gas cap.
  • Rugged and durable tires.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Store Kitchen

Roleplaying has never been so fun and engaging for the children! The Little Tikes' Cook 'n Store kitchen in red is a fully assembled kitchen set, so Mom and Dad, you can keep your tools away and just focus on the play! Not only is the kitchen fully assembled, it also folds into itself for easy storage too. Your children can have a really wholesome time with this kitchen roleplaying set as they engage and learn how things work around the kitchen.

  • Fully assembled kitchen set.
  • Folds into itself for compact and easy storage.
  • Comes with 32 pieces of accessories that can also store inside the kitchen.
  • Shelving unit with microwave that extends upwards.
  • Oven and stove top knobs click!

If you are looking for a suitable toy brand for your children to play with and also learn from, there is pretty much nothing as great as Little Tikes. Just checkout what kinds of toys they like and you are all set!

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