What is a living room? It is a room where you create memories and build relationship that lasts a lifetime. But do you know what you need for the perfect living room? Click here to find out.

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Living Room – A room to come together as a family

A living room is a place where you come together with your family to rest and rejuvenate - a place for your family and friends to meet and have fun. As it is the primary space for relaxation and everyday entertainment, the living room often serves multiple functions. Since it’s more casual and informal, the living room tends to see lots of uses from every member of the family— TV, video games, homework, reading and game night are all acceptable here. But do you actually know what you need in a living room and how to decorate it to be more family friendly and welcoming?

Living Room – Going down to the basic

Before you start decorating your living room, the first thing you need to consider is your overall storage space. Think about every kind of things you need in your living room and choose furniture and built-in that would specifically accommodate these items. If you are with younger kinds, toys might be just everywhere else, so it’s always nice to have built-in cabinets or toy boxes and chests which would surely be a worthwhile investments.

For families who are more tech oriented, add shelves for movies and video games and cabinets to hide away those small electronics like video game consoles and DVD players from your Mom’s ‘messy-proof’ eyes. It would be even better to invest in a large entertainment centre or media console for a more cohesive look. To encourage good working habits, pieces like a bookshelf, small desk or a built-in multipurpose counter for can be such a lifesaver.

Now that you have your storage spaces planned out, it’s time to dive in to the best part, decorating!

Living Room – Creating a picture perfect space

Have you ever seen interior snaps on Instagram and go all #instaenvy? We at iprice knows exactly how you feel (we get all worked up sometimes too looking at these images). To ensure you living room is always Instagram ready, here are some tips on how you can design a room that would ensure you a whole lot of hearts.

Get an area rug – it is the piece that anchors the room, the most important accessory in a well-designed living room that ties everything together. When choosing a rug, pick one that would be the focal point in the room with lots of colours and pattern, or be understated with a neutral colour palette and subtle pattern.

Invest in some art - Making sure you have a statement piece of artwork, a frame story, or even a mirror can make a big difference in a room. If you are in doubt, always go for a simple grid frame wall. You can never go wrong with this layout.

Never ignore your windows - Adding statement window treatments to a living room can rejuvenate a space, not to mention they help to insulate a room. And it creates that photogenic diffused light look.

Accessorize – Add your own personal stamp to the room by adding accessories like pillows, vases, and objects that mean something to you. It is like jewelleries that adds bling to the whole room.

Layer away - Now is a great time to flaunt your book collection and stack it up. Your coffee table should have curated layers of books, flowers, and items that express your style. Also, add a tray to the coffee table. You can use it later for entertaining, and trays can help organize your objects.

With these tips and tricks, you are one step closer to your dream living room. For your final step, get your living room items on iprice where discounts and sales rule! Happy shopping.