If you have a living room set such as a sofa and several chairs, complete it with a cozy living room table! Check out the best living room tables in Singapore or read more about the many types living room tables below.

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Different Types of Living Room Tables in Singapore

Compared to a dining room table, a living room table is smaller in size as well as in terms of height to accommodate the people who are sitting on the sofa. However, there are some living room tables that are meant to be larger than the traditional coffee tables that you always see. If you have a sofa set, it is customary that you incorporate a living room table to give it a sense of continuity. Here are several types of living room tables that you should check out:

Storage Tables

Perhaps the most functional on the list, storage tables are types of living room tables that allows you to store seasonal decorations such as pillows, pillow covers, and even extra blankets for stay-overs. Storage tables provide you with extra storage space which makes it perfect for the living room.

Drop-leaf Tables

Another functional table on the list, drop-leaf tables are a type of living room tables where you can fold the sides for extra space. They are great for homes with limited space because it folds up neatly and can accommodate a lot when the leaves are spread out.

End Tables

More on aesthetics, end tables are like an extension of your sofa. It can either be circular or straight-edge depending on your preference. It is small in surface area but often has longer legs than traditional coffee tables. End tables can hold a number of room decors such as plants, light fixtures, and other accents in your living room.

Sofa Tables

Sofa tables types of living room tables that are usually situated against a wall or behind the two-seater sofa. It is often long and narrow and can hold a variety of ornaments to accentuate the space. Sofa tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as storage spaces.

Coffee Tables

Perhaps the most common type of living room table, coffee tables are medium-sized tables made to accommodate sitting guests. Coffee tables can either be round, square, or rectangular depending on your preference. Aside from that, coffee tables also have compartments where you can store magazines, ornaments, and other materials in.

Living room tables can be made from almost anything today. Wood is the most common material it is made from because of its rustic vibe and durability. There are also living room tables made from steel as well as glass. Plastic is also a choice for living room tables but may not have the same effect as those made from wood or steel.

Living room tables are functional and ornamental pieces of furniture that everyone should have. Depending on your taste, lifestyle, and how much space you have, a living room table would add warmth and coziness to your home. You can easily accommodate guests, and make them feel at home.