Living in a small space can be inconvenient when obstructed by bulky furniture that can’t be stored away. Foldable tables are essential for Singaporean households that prefer a spacious living environment as they can easily be folded up and placed in one corner. Deliver one to your home today by exploring our selection of foldable tables below!

What are the best foldable tables? | Where can I buy a folding table in Singapore? | How do you clean a folding table?

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Everything You Need to Know About Foldable Table Singapore: Price, Recommendation, FAQ

Whether you are setting up a table for your makeshift home office or for a potluck gathering with friends, having a foldable table at home provides convenience for any occasion. Foldable tables are easy to clean, transport, and store. Suffice it to say, foldable tables can be used for multiple functions and turned into a useful piece of home furniture. Think about playing mahjong with your family or chilling out on the balcony!

At iPrice Singapore, you can find various types and sizes of foldable tables that can be positioned on the ground.

Types of Folding Tables

Whether it is for work, leisure activities, dining, or studying, there is a foldable table for everyone. The tables below are just the most basic types you can find in the market:

Dining Tables

While some may prefer a premium-quality dining table that stays put, there are others who may not have adequate space for leaving a dining table out at all times. Hence, a foldable dining table is a better fit for small apartments or tiny houses to maximise as much space as possible. Simply lay a dining cloth on the table top and add on a small vase of flower, a simple foldable table can be turned into a dining table in just a matter of seconds!

Laptop Table

A laptop table can be found in multiple sizes. Some can be placed on any surface while some others that come with or without wheels can only be placed on the ground. Depending on how you want your work station to look, consider the space and budget you have for a work-from-home setup, opt for one that suits your needs and provides great support for your laptop and possibly other computer accessories.

Study Desk

One needs a proper study desk in order to be able to concentrate on their studies and have all books and stationery laid out nicely. If you're using your bedroom as the space to study, you might want to consider a foldable study desk that helps your mind separate the idea of studying from resting. So when you're done with your revision, you can stow away the table and put your mind at ease, allowing yourself to fully relax or rest.

What are the best foldable tables?

Here are some of the best recommendations:

IKEA KLIPSK Plastic Foldable Table / Bed Tray

Essentially a bed tray that is used for serving food, it also doubles as a foldable table for work on the bed. The table comes with a groove where you can position your tablet, smartphone or book for a comfortable viewing angle. Made of sturdy plastic, the table measures 56cm x 36cm x 26cm and only weighs 1.5kg. It stands steadily on soft surfaces and can be wiped clean easily in case of spillage. No assembly is required, hence KLIPSK table is convenient to be stored and unfolded.

OEM Anti-slip Foldable Laptop Table

Made of wood and aluminium alloy, the OEM foldable table requires no assembly and is easy to set up on any surface. Your laptop and tablet can be propped up steadily thanks to its anti-slip design. Since it measures 60cm x 40cm x 28cm, the table has ample space to fit more than just one digital device, and it comes at a super affordable price too!

X-Gear A8 Foldable Ergonomic Laptop Table with Fan

Aside from having a USB cooling fan installed by the side, this portable laptop table is ergonomic in a way that allows users to adjust the height and inclination for up to 30 degrees. It can withstand a load of up to 40kg. With its stability and sturdiness, this light table makes sure your laptop and mouse can stay steady.

As for multipurpose foldable tables that can accommodate more people, you may consider the following furniture pieces:

RuYiYu Square Dining Table

Made of compliant composite wood, this square dining table can be folded up and hauled anywhere from your front yard to a camping ground. Its earth-tone design is especially appealing for those who have a penchant for Scandinavian aesthetics. While it comes in a compact size, it unfolds very easily. When not in use for dining, this sturdy foldable dining table can be turned into a work or study table. The RuYiYu dining table is available in three sizes: 60x60x55cm, 70x70x74cm, and 80x80x74cm.

JIJI Portable Aluminium Foldable Table

While it may take up a bit more space than the RuYiYu dining table, the JIJI aluminium table has an advantage over RuYiYu in terms of its large size. Shaped like a ping-pong table, it is suitable for parties, outdoor dining, exhibitions, studying for households with kids, and many other occasions. Besides being easily foldable, there is also no hassle in assembling them. It can be transported around like how one would hold a briefcase.

Where can I buy a folding table in Singapore?

Apart from your local furniture store, you can find foldable tables at an affordable price on several e-marketplaces like Lazada, Qoo10, and Amazon in Singapore.

How do you clean a folding table?

All you need to clean a folding table is a drop of dish soap and water. Soak a microfibre cloth or any soft rag in the soap mixture, and wrench all of the water out of the cloth. Then, wipe down the surface gently. If you come across any stubborn stains or spots, you may place a tad more pressure on scrubbing them away. Finally, rinse the cloth with clean water, and wipe the folding table for the final round after the cloth is wrenched.